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2014: Lessons From The Roller-Coaster Year

9:09 AMKene Kingsley

We are coming to the end of the year, and the very last days of this year had made me to take a look back at how the year had gone.
          So far, i can first be thankful, because it has been God all through the year. 2014 was more than just a year, it was an experience with moments of laughter and tears. It was a year i made decisions i wish i never made, and it was also a year that i got to learn so much about myself.

2014 was filled with so much lessons, but I would like to share a few.

1. Believe in Your Dreams
 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams'.... Eleanor Roosevelt

2. Trust God, and never underestimate your ability and capacity to attain great heights

3. Some days will work in your favour...(Don't let the victory get to your head)... and some days will work against you... (Don't let the failures get to your heart.)

4. Always learn to let go. The past should be a place of reference, not a place of residence. Don't let the failures and setbacks of the past determine your speed of progress

5. Its okay not to be okay. Its okay to be sad. Its okay to cry. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Its shows you are human and can be stretched beyond your strength limit. But don't carry that energy for too long, so it doesn't cloud your sense of reasoning

6. No matter how bad the world is, GOOD PEOPLE still exist. There are people who will always be there to go through it all with you, those who got your back. If you are lucky to have these people in your life, Love them. Appreciate them. Never let them go.

7. Don't let anyone's opinion of you define who you are.

8. Worry less. Pray more.

9. Be open to ideas,options, creative and worthy activities. You never can tell where your talent lies

10.............Finally, Be Happy. Meet new faces. Visit new places. Read a book. Try something new. Drink Ribena (I'm yet to find out the relationship between Ribena and happiness, lol)... But in all, be happy

So what are the life's lessons you've learnt in the year 2014... Please share them with me :D :D

Kene' Kingsley

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