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Not A Quitter.....

7:50 PMKene Kingsley

I woke up this morning, and the first thing I asked myself was ' What went wrong'...?.

Having taken time to consider a lot of excuses and reasons, the idea of quitting popped up. However, I find it difficult to give in to that idea, because at some point, I was convinced that this post would inspire somebody out there to move ahead, irrespective of whatever challenges are prevalent.

I've read books and biographies of a lot of successful people in the world, and these people's stories were worth reading because they made up their minds to be successful, despite all odds.

One of my life's goals is that at every level of success I attain, no matter how small or large, I should inspire people that they are capable of achieving their dreams and goals in life.

                                     'DON'T  GIVE UP'

We talk about it, we sing about it, its high time we did it. If you have a dream, plan or vision for your life, Go for it...

Would there be difficulties.....? Yes.
Would there be days when you would feel like giving up....? Yes
Would you eventually be successful if you stick to that dream...? YES

Good Morning, friends. Have a splendid day ahead....
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