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 The weekend was off-the-hook with  #Stripped, an urban concert organized by Yada Magazine (a faith based online magazine). I met with a cute lady Bunmi, who gave me a run through of the concept of the concert. Its a mini concert, somewhere cool and cozy, compared to the idea of a stereotypical concert setting...( loud music, open space, and so many people). I felt good about my coming on time.... Nigerians need to deal with the issue of being tardy to events (We will get there someday....). The host (Dr.Fay) made a quick introduction and the concert started with T-Acoustic...who made great renditions with his guitar to a couple of good song
There was also spoken word by St. Rhymes, that was quite inspiring..... couldn't recall all that was said.., but these words struck me....
                   ' Believe your dreams. Behave your dreams. and you shall Become
                      your dreams'
         I'm a firm believer of working towards your dreams, but 'behave your dreams'...that was something really cool to say
The  Tru Breeds were great too, with their upbeat songs. The song 'Believe' by Viva was breathtaking, and David B's Souled Out was another great one.....really beautiful music.....

 So many other acts were featured (Emjoy, Rhapsodee, Phrance, Femi Leye, SOKLEVA), and these guys had cool songs and beats that will get you on your feet...

 I couldn't stay till the very end, but I'd say this was one great event to end the year with, and I'm glad I came......

 I apologize for not making a new post for a while now, you know what they say about beginnings ( its never easy)..but this is fun anyways. Watch out for more updates and posts

So how's the Christmas holidays coming up..? .Busy?, Restful?, Wild? (*winks)... Tell me about it

Kene Kingsley.

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