Embracing Your Pace.

4:26 AMKene Kingsley

This post was inspired by a few friends of mine, whom in the course of our conversations, get to tell me how sad and moody they've been feeling of late. And how it stems from the fact that every of their friends/acquaintances have made one form of achievement or the other , while they are just there, with no significant thing to be proud of. And to a greater extent, I could relate to these feelings, because I feel the same way too most times. But as time went on, I had to mentally shake these feelings off, and keep moving on.

 I've come to learn as time goes on that this feeling of inadequacy comes when I try to compare myself to others, not realizing that I'm actually making progress too... It may not be loud, but when I realize that I'm not the person I was years ago, or in the same place I was, its enough to be appreciative of.

''Everyone is writing his/her own life story..(of successes, failures, challenges, happiness, ups and downs), and each is unique based on their experiences. You can never appreciate the essence of your life story, if you write your life story with someone else's template..."

Life is all about changes, events, and experiences (both of good and bad) with the aim of making each and every one of us better in understanding, thoughts, and actions. And with God, dedication, hard work and determination, we'll definitely be successful in what ever course of action we take.

Finally, its a matter of being yourself. There would be someone better than you, smarter than you, have it all more than you, but.. Nobody can be like you. Embrace who you are, and move on...

 P.S- Is it just me, or I feel real good after writing this post...??? Please share your comments on how you feel...

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  1. Nice one dear :)

  2. We should always try to define who we are and look up to God. If I gain admission .into the university today and a friend didn't but he started a business that thrives, I come out of school looking for job, he employs people into his business, he is worth 250million in a year. And then bang! I got a job that pays 180 per month! Havent we kinda leveled up? In time to come, we all level up. It doesn't matter where we are today..its where we are going. Great piece!


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