No Resolutions. No Reservations

3:29 AMKene Kingsley

Welcome to the year 2015. I believe everyone is excited about coming into the new year, hale and hearty, with high prospects and projections about the new year, and then RESOLUTIONS. But if you ask me what my resolutions for the new year would be, I'd say none, not because resolutions are wrong or something. (Its laudable to write down resolutions and be able to accomplish all that has been written.)

In my case, writing resolutions lose its significance, because I write them,and I don't get to do all I wrote, and my subconscious  gives me whip lashes on what I didn't get to do. But if there is one thing i would like to work on this year, it definitely would be NO RESERVATIONS


This is what I'd make as a central theme for the year for me. I recall so many ideas I've had in the previous years... From ideas, plans, style sketches, to events and meeting people, and then I feel reticent about these things ( for some unknown reasons)...and these ideas would just sit in my head, till they just fizzle out . This year, definitely, there would be no reservations..... I'd try something new. Discover new ideas. Meet New People. No Reservations..

Finally, I want to trust God more this year, and let Him coordinate my plans, and order my paths. I believe He has a lot in store for me, if i can only trust and believe.

What are your plans and resolutions this year..?. Please share them with me...

   Have a Happy, Successful, and Prosperous New Year...

Kene' Kingsley

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