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Hey Guys,
I  guess by this time, we would be done with the Happy New Year felicitations (or is it too early to drop it.? ).
For me, It has somewhat died down, as everyone is up and doing, with our new ideas,changes and promises made for the year. I talked about me not making a new year resolution , and my reasons. However, when it comes to style and looks, definitely changes are essential...and these changes range from a total make-over to just a few incorporations into the former looks.

   This is my first style post, and i would like to share a few style ideas and looks id incorporate into the new year.
                                                          Bald and A Beard

                                                        Common and Noble Igwe
The bald-and-a-beard look is one look I'd  definitely give a try. With inspiration from Noble Igwe and Common, it looks cool, and gives you that bad-ass look. It may not be the full facial hair look, because of pharmacy school and probably auditions that would need a clean look.. But this look is sure on my list..

                                                 Photo Source:
The denim is one piece I'd always take with me, any day any year. Its one of my signature item. However, instead of the stereotypical denim pants and jackets, i would try infusing denim to my formal looks, like a denim shirt on formal outfit...(Sounds cool, right.?)

                                                                Getting Sartorial..
I've had sketches of ideas and looks I'd like to pull off... But most times, getting a good tailor that resonates your creativity can be a hard one. And I think its a great idea to be able to get acquainted with a good tailor beyond first name you could get your outfits in your best fit, style, and at affordable charge ( you know what I mean) this year style wise, its going to be more tailored pieces, and more tailors and designers as best friends....*winks*

  I could go on about styles I'd like to incorporate in the new year,but these are a few I'd like to share. And as these styles come through, id definitely update about them..

                    What are your style resolutions this year ?.What would you remove, add, or incorporate this year?. Feel free to share with me your ideas in the comment section below, please....

Thanks and have a great one this first month of the year.

Kene Kingsley.

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