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2:20 PMKene Kingsley

Hello Everyone,
I believe y'all had a splendid weekend. Mine was somewhat restful, with a little bit of creativity and inspiration here and there. But in all, it was great. I'm sure if I could make a pinion poll for an extra day in the weekend, the polls would be sky rocketing

Today, I made my first STYLE INSPIRATION post. Now, my style inspiration basically talks about people whose style I really appreciate and relate with over time based on the colour, outfit, combination, and overall fit.

My first style inspiration would be.....(drum rolling.!).... PHARRELL WILLIAMS

Okay, if you don't know who Pharrell Williams is, you should have heard his 2014 hit track 'Happy', one of my favorite feel-good songs, but if at this moment you still don't know who he is, then you would probably be living under a rock..

When it comes to style, Pharrell Williams really nails it. And the coolest part of it all is that, his looks are just effortless, yet creative. That's the main purpose of having a personal style, one that would look good on you, and would be effortless. Here are a few tips and items about Pharrell's style that inspires me
                                                        THE STATEMENT HAT

From the hats he wore in his 'Happy' video, to the Vivienne Westwood Mountain hat he wore to the 2014 Grammy's award, Pharrell's hats are really cool statement accessory, and one I'd like to have, anytime soon.

                                                 THE COLOUR PLAY
When it comes to colour play, Pharrell has his A-game going on for him. As trends come and go, the appreciation of colour is become a theme that the men's style is embracing, and I like the colour coordination that Pharell pulls off..

His laidback, unique, and effortless looks, and detailing of his dinner outfits are also one I would love to incorporate into my looks.

              So, which of Pharrell's look do you like. Do share your ideas with me, and your favorites of the pick.


Kene' Kingsley

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