The Grey Matter X L'Espace Giveaway

7:01 AMKene Kingsley

                                                 Happy New Month, beautiful people

Its been a while I've been on here. And I apologize for that. Apparently, I'm still struggling with the reality of school's resumption and these days, it has really been some serious awakening.

Anyways, that's by the way (hehe...)
Late last month, I talked about Fashion Innovation series, a networking event I attended about fashion careers (Read about it here ), and I was not certain on what to wear, cause I wasn't sure whether it was a formal event or a fun one ( and 'twas a fun one anyway). So I went with a black shirt and grey pants and waistcoat.

Grey is one colour I've come to appreciate of recent, as I've always done a lot of blacks when it comes to formal outfits.My favorite tip when it comes to wearing grey is to incorporate a little bit of colour, that's why I had a red paisley tie on...and brown shoes.

So, what do u guys think...?

Now, to the giveaway, I've got 10% off vouchers to all products from L'Espace, Victoria Island and trust me, L'Espace have got a lot to offer for the ladies when it comes to the very best of pieces and accessories.

How To Win
To get one of the vouchers, all you need to is to follow me (@kenekingsley) on Instagram , and The Kene Kingsley Blog on bloglovin'.

Quite easy, I'd say...

Indicate in the comment section with your email. Winners would be announced in the next post.

Kene' Kingsley

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