Live Another Day: 10 Major Life Lessons I've Learnt So Far

8:29 AMKene Kingsley

                                               Happy (belated) birthday to me...!

This post was scheduled for last sunday (March 29th) which was my birthday., but I just don't know what happened, and the post-election hustle and bustle never gave me a breathing space either

This year's birthday seemed awkward for me. Over the years, I always had my birthdays clashing with school exams or tests, so there's been little or no time to think about it.., and then I had hoped that this year would be different (since it was a weekend), then I get slammed with the election process (*sigh*).... So I was basically indoors with the family, a little get-together, and food bingeing (yeah, I love food)

However, I'm still thankful that I'm alive to see another year. It just seemed like yesterday that I was celebrating 20, and then right before my eyes, time flies on..

I would like to share a few life lessons I've learnt so far.

1. Live Thankful- I've learnt over time to be thankful for those little things that seem insignificant, 'cause it's these little things that matter.

2. Appreciate the painful and hard times- This was a tough one for me, but the good thing about pain is that it's an essential part of growth. It has made me stronger, and also believe that despite the dark clouds, there's always a silver lining somewhere.

3. Take life easy- I've also learnt to be calm about every situation that comes my way, and understand the fact that getting all worked up over things and issues never brought about its solution.

4. Do. It. Now- That's one major lesson I've learnt about life. If you want something done, do it now. Start now. It may not be a perfect start, but its better than living on wishful thinking. Think less and Do More.

5. Love Life- This is because I have only one life that should be worth living. Love life. Try new ideas. Meet new people. Never put a damper to my dreams and ideas.

6. Pray- I pray not because I'm perfect, but because I don't have it all figured out many times. And its in such times that I learnt to get to my knees and talk to the One who has an expected end for me.

7. Avoid Comparison- I once wrote about not comparing yourself to anyone. It can be killing. It kills your happiness and then doubts your creativity. Everyone is unique and has something that no one else has.

8. Being Myself- Never to conform to anyone's idea or principle just to please them. There's nothing more awesome than being yourself, doing what pleases you, because 'nobody can do you like you'.

9. Be Nice To People- This seemed like the hardest one for me because people could be so fickle minded sometimes, and take advantage of your good nature, but nonetheless, we still have to be nice to people.

10. Be Happy- Never let situations and people take away your happiness. Nothing or no one should be a determinant to your happiness. A happy mind is a creative one.

           These are 10 major life lessons I've learnt over the years, and I pray that I live long to experience and share more life lessons that come my way...

                  I also want to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone who celebrated me on my day. Thank you very much, and I pray that the good Lord would give us more reasons to celebrate...

Live Another Day.

Kene' Kingsley.

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