Redefinition 2015" Retro Rave : Travelling Across The Eras

6:33 PMKene Kingsley

Hello Guys,
I believe the week is going pretty well for you all...

Here is a fashion event , planned by a friend of mine.

The 2015 Redefinition Fashion show, which is an annual event, is tagged ‘Retro rave’.

 Many might wonder what this is about. Basically, the fashion show is to show forth life in the past, i.e. designs and outfits worn by our parents and possibly, grandparents. The show is to take us on a time travel, from the 1940s down to the 1980s. One major characteristic of these fashion trends was the exaggeration created with the styles worn. Ranging from large shoulder pads to bright red lipstick and over-lined eyes, men were noted for funky jackets, afro hair, big sunglasses and hats.

The 80s which depicts flamboyance are known for being rather too over the top and larger than life. Fashion trends then were over-sized tops, bold earrings and neckpieces, exaggerated shoulder pads etc. In the 70s, the Bohemian Revolution paved the way for the fashion trend at that time. People were known for wearing heavily patterned fabrics. Not leaving out leather pants and skirts but also floral prints which served as shirts and dresses. The Conservative 60s explores the fashion world of pencil skirts, pleated skirts, petti coats, gloves, tuxedo and tuxedo dresses. The 50s Glamour accentuates the attractiveness in fashion showcasing trends such as polka dots, high waist skirts, dinner and cocktail dresses and suits. The 40s highlights the Simplicity of fashion as this fell during a period of hard times in most cities around the world. The fashion trends were Garter pencil skirts, shirt dresses, cardigans, v-necks etc.

Guests include
·        Mai Atafo
·        Kelechi Amadi Obi
·        Dimeji Alara
·        Lanre Da-Silva
·        Onyinye Fafi Obi and many others.

     Date: 5th of April
     Time: 4pm (Red Carpet starts at 3pm)
     Venue: Covenant University Chapel

Indeed the 2015 Redefinition Fashion Show is ready to take her audience on a time travelling tour of a lifetime."

For more information about this event, contact:
Julez (BB Pin- 2BA39F35)

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