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The Models' Workshop : Photos and Tips For Aspiring Models

8:22 PMKene Kingsley

 During the course of the previous week, i got to attend The Models' Workshop.

The Models' Workshop, which was a 2-day workshop, organized by Micheal Bassey, a model and the director of Think I Concept, took place at the Faculty of Education Auditorium, University Of Lagos.

The workshop was geared towards enlightening models on the skills and trends necessary to be successful in the business of modeling. It had a lot of wonderful facilitators, such as Uju Nwobodo, Ovo Ogufere, Fome Emede-Ejumudo, Tamar Mathapelo-Awobotu, Richard Eko, Lola Maja, Ugo Igbokwe, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Alex Nwokedi, Uju Chimezie, Sola Oyebade, Isio Wanogho, Boye Adefila, Joshua Lawrence, Lola Buttons, Makida Moka, Shedrack Hauzome, Bola Fawehinmi, and Ituen Bassey.

                                                                       Uju Nwobodo

                                                           Ovo Ogufere, CEO XA! Models

                                                            Tamar Mathapelo- Awobotu

                                                                      Fome Emede Ejumudo

                                                             Ugo Igbokwe and Lola Maja

                                          Alex Nwokedi, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, and Uju Chimezie

There was so much to learn from both days, but i will give a few key notes that are essential to be successful as a model.

1. You don't have to be the tallest, or the one with the best of looks to be successful. all you need is passion, confidence, and persistence. Consider your passion and decide if you really want to be a model.

2. Understand the requirements to develop a model image, build your look, and develop a sense of style that is unique to you. Identify your USP (Unique Selling Point)

3.  Your appearance, mannerisms, poise and charisma really matters.

4. Be sociable, learn to network and interact with people more

5. Don't be afraid of rejections by casting directors and designers. Rejection is not personal. It simply means you don't fit the brief or the idea of the casting director/designer.

6. Find a model mentor or role model, that is, people who are in the business before you, study them and look out for what they do to be successful.

7. Find the right agency (i.e the agency that looks out for your welfare as a model, and ensures your growth as a model). Be a proactive model and be loyal to your agency.

8. Modeling is an art. Be creative and proactive. Always be on the lookout for avenues and opportunities that would make you a successful model.

9. Have an idea of the casting brief ( the requirements that are released by the casting director), and work towards the brief that is given .

10. Always make a research about what modeling entails, and ensure that you keep up with trends of modeling.

11. MODELING IS A BUSINESS/ PROFESSION, NOT A HOBBY. If you still feel or think that modeling is a hobby, then this career path is not for you.

12. Have a working portfolio. Your Portfolio is a collection of the professional works and pictures you have done as a model. Always update your portfolio.

13. On using digital media as a tool for modeling, find an online balance. Make your online content interesting, shareable, and deliberate

14. Do not pay to be casted for any audition. Do not pay exorbitant fees for a photoshoot. Do not pay exorbitant fees to get registered under an agency.

15. In Modeling, your LOOK is your business. Always take care of your looks as a model. Exercise more, have a good diet, take a lot of water, and rest well.

Finally, BE YOURSELF. Originality is very key in modeling. There's no point in trying to be like someone else when the person you are trying so hard to look like could be easily hired for the job.

                  The highlights of the workshop were the Photosession and tutorial with Tope Horpload and Angela Phillips, the Dance and Flexibility routine with Joshua Lawrence, as well as the Super Model Walk session with Tomisin Ariyo and Micheal Bassey, Bolaji, and Kevwe Akpede

                                                               Angela Phillips

                                                                 Joshua Lawrence

Ooh, and i loved Ituen Basi's class...

And i was delighted to see the ever-beautiful Isio Wanogho

It was great fun and learning experience. And i would say that The Models' Workshop is a great learning opportunity for every aspiring model out there.
                                            Bola Fawehinmi, CEO Few Models Management

                                           Makida Moka and Shedrack Hauzome

                                                                     Lola Buttons

Watch Out For Season 3 of The Models' Workshop

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  1. I love modeling but I don't want to be one. I wasn't made for it.
    You are a good writer.

    1. You never know until you try. Thanks for the compliment.


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