Pitti Uomo '88 : Street Style Inspiration

4:28 PMKene Kingsley

Hello Guys,

Happy Holidays everyone and a Happy Eid-el-Mubarak to my Muslim friends and readers. I believe everyone is having a great holiday. I don't know about y'all, but i'm quite thankful for the break. At least, i get to take a breather from the stress of academics, and clinical clerkship.

Today, i would like to share a few style inspirations i got to appreciate in the just concluded Pitti Uomo '88, which held early last month ( 16-19th of June). I'm sure a few, or if any, would know about this fashion event, so I'll give a brief description of what this is all about. Just stay with me on this one.

Pitti Uomo, otherwise known as Pitti Immagine Uomo is a fashion trade event that takes place twice in a year in Florence, Italy. It is the world's most important platform for men's clothing and accessory collections and launching new projects in men's fashion. The First Edition was held in September 1972, and being concurrent twice in a year for 44 years gives it the last edition the theme Pitti Uomo '88.

I came across Pitti Uomo online late last year, and the play of colour is one feature that makes this event such an amazing one. Thus, when there were galleries of photos released from the recent edition, i was just awed by the way men takes their fashion and sense of style to a whole new level of cool.

I'd like to share but  a few styles that caught my attention, and i would love to pull off sometime.

 The first on my favorites' list is this outfit by Dejon Marquis, a Los Angeles based Fashion Influencer. I love the play of red, white and beige, and his signature hat and clutch simply looks amazing.

 Here's another one that i really liked. The green double breasted jacket was well paired with a light blue shirt, and a dark blue pants, but the shoes doesn't really look cool with his ensemble, but then its his style, right.?

Street style is all about creativity, and having a sense of uniqueness, and this is why i like Mariano Di Vaio's look too. The distressed jeans, different pair of shoes, and the pinstripe suit was just super cool..

I particularly liked this one, if not for anything, it was the print blazer. The fact that he kept every other item simple and casual also worked for me.
The guy at the left was also one of my favorites. the blue shorts' suit and the red fez cap was really creative.

 These are a few that really caught my interest, and i look forward to the next edition of Pitti Uomo

I would appreciate your ideas, thoughts and comments about Pitti Uomo and my style inspirations.

Thanks and have an amazing week ahead of you.

Kene' Kingsley

Photo Credit : Hello Man In Pink

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