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6:23 PMKene Kingsley

Hello Guys, hope the week has been good for you all. Mine has been pretty busy, as usual, with school work majorly, which has been hectic as usual with clinical postings and project work, but its all going well.

I don't know if its just me, or the break of the previous week was pretty short. It was worth it anyways. I got to steal time away from racking my brain over creating a good literature review for my project work.

Today, i'm going to share something about one of my favorite outfits (or, can i say, my signature look). A lot of people who get to see me on a regular would agree that there is something always similar about my looks and style, and of course its cause i'm regularly seen with a short stand-up collar shirt, commonly known as the Mandarin Collar Shirt.

The Mandarin Collar derives its name from the style of the Orients and Imperial China. It is known for its unique flat finishing around the neckline, which is short and does not fold over, thus there is no need for a necktie.

My preference over this style of collar shirt was inspired by those moments when i'm not just in the mood to knot a tie to school. It gives this Western contemporary look, and also my favorite looks for the minimalist style. For a formal style, it could be worn with the regular dress pants and dress shoes.
You can also pull a suit jacket or blazer over it for a moderately formal appeal.

 I also like the versatility of the Mandarin Collar Shirt, as you can switch things up from the moderate formal look, to a super- casual, laid back look.

The Mandarin Collar may not fully replace the conventional collar shirt, but its a trendy piece that is essential for every individual with a sense of style.

I would like to know your thoughts and ideas on the Mandarin Collar Shirt, and i would also appreciate your creative ideas on other ways to style the Mandarin Collar Shirts.

Have a great weekend and feel free to share your comments on this outfit.


Kene' Kingsley

Photo Credit- OparaBoy

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  1. Love this, especially switching it up to casual + i'm definitely getting me a mandarin collar shirt.

  2. Love this, especially switching it up to casual + i'm definitely getting me a mandarin collar shirt.


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