When It All Seems Difficult...

4:32 AMKene Kingsley

Hey Guys,

Its been quite a while i updated about Life. I figured i should share few things i've learnt about Life.

I understand the fact that life is meant to be lived happily, but often times it seems to be the contrary.
I've had some unpleasant situations and experiences (to say the least), but then everyone has had but a few these experiences, right?

On a second thought, i ask myself....

                                     " What kind of life would it be if there were no challenges 
                                                    and difficulties at some point in time ?"

 Life is full of ups and downs, great times and gruesome times. There are times when everything seems to be happening all at once. A whirlwind of obstacles and unexpected trials roll in so quick you're just left in the ledge, wondering what to do and how to figure it all out.

                                                        "Would you Sink or Swim?"

I would consider myself as a positive person, always on the look out for the good in everything, the light at the end of the tunnel, but then it doesn't come that easy for everyone.                            
I'd like to share a few tips i learnt and i've come to appreciate on pulling through with the difficult times.

      Change Your Perspective
 I've come to learn that these difficult times are not the firsts in life, and they are not the last ones either. Yes, its okay to feel bad about these things, but then i've come to appreciate these life challenges as the bare necessities for growth. So instead of brooding over how bad things are going, or how difficult things have been, change your perspective towards it, identify the problem and seek solutions to solving the problem. 

       Take Control
You may not have control over situations that come your way, but you have full control over your thoughts,words and actions towards it. Recognizing the negative thoughts concerning a situation is the battle won halfway. Of course, its quite easy to dwell in negativity, but you have a choice to let go of such thoughts and think positively, believing that its all going to turn out fine at the end.

      Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself
Give yourself a break. It is important to understand that situations may have been beyond what you can handle, but mentally flogging yourself wouldn't do you any good.This is one lesson i really appreciate, as i'm one of those that always felt that way about myself whenever i experience any difficulty. But as time went on, i've come to realize that getting all worked up mentally would not get me any solution, so why do it anyways.?

     Treat Yourself
Treat yourself here isn't referring to the million-naira shopping spree (but if you can, of course go ahead), or spending frivolously. Treating yourself here is a way of getting all the worries and stress of difficulty away in order to give your mind a fresh and better outlook to life. It could be as simple as having good friends come around, going to the cinemas, trying something new, exciting and creative. For me, GOOD MUSIC, good food, and a nature getaway is my personal therapy to getting the stress out.

     Do Something Nice For Someone Else
 Trust me, there is no better feeling than doing something kind for someone else. Giving to others is an amazing way to stay positive in difficult times. I go out of my way to do good for others, realizing that i'm not the only person in the planet with difficulties. It could be as simple as giving a listening ear to what someone has to say, to giving a helping hand if its within your capacity to help.

I don't know about anything or anyone else, but saying a word of prayer has always been getting me out of difficult times. There is something calming about talking to the One who understand you better than you understand yourself, knows what you are going through, and has promised you an expected end. ( Jeremiah 29:11)

                                           "I used to believe that prayer changes 

                                            things, but now i know that prayer changes
                                            us, and we change things"

 Finally, always learn to smile. Be Happy. Have a good laugh. It may not look good now, but its surely going to get better in the end.

                               "Happiness is fleeting. It's rarely, if ever, a constant state of being for anyone,
                                     but that doesn't mean we shouldn't pursue it even when there seems to be
                                        nothing worthy of that happiness. You can either let life and its struggles
                                             swallow you whole or fight your way to a silver lining. 
                                            Remember, your happiness is your responsibility." -Bldg25blog

If you have any ways that can keep you positive in times of difficulty, please let me know in the comments.

Have a great week ahead of you...

Kene' Kingsley.


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  1. Amazing post! Learnt something from this "your happiness is your responsibility" Nice pics :)


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