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12:56 AMKene Kingsley

The blog is one today, yay.!!

It just seemed like yesterday when I started blogging as a hobby . I remember back then when I started a blog in 2010 which was more of a daily online dairy ( which I closed down). Then I discovered my passion for fashion, writing , and photography. I also had friends who had noticed my gradual evolution in style , and this day last year I had to infuse these passions into one channel, and that gave birth to this blog. 

I realized that I hadn't done much about blogging since I created the blog because of school, and was contemplating not talking about how it's gotten up to a year since its inception, but on a second thought, it's an opportunity to be thankful for little progresses like this , that moved from a wishful thinking to something i could achieve. It actually goes a long way to show that we could all achieve whatever we want, if we can do less of the thinking and more of the action. 

So far so good, I can say that blogging about life and style has opened my eyes to many more ideas, places and people, and has spurned my creativity a lot. Blogging about life has given me the opportunity to share values and experiences about life in order to inspire someone out there.  Despite my on- and - off presence online, I'm happy about how far it has come . 

I believe that there's still so much more to do, and celebrating one year is a starting material for more and more successes, and I'm so excited about the journey ahead.

I want to use this medium to say a big thank you to my readers, and every one who has been inspired by my life and style posts . 

Also want to say a big thank you to my buddy James who's always there from the design to arrangement of links and all. ( Thanks buddy..!)

This is just the beginning of more exciting things to come . 

'Allow yourself small victories. Don't deny   giving yourself credit for accomplishing something, no matter how insignificant it may seem'

Happy Blog'iversary...!!!

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