Back And Better (II)

2:59 AMKene Kingsley


                                                                       It's me.

   I've been off blogging for a very long time (say, five months.?). It feels so great to be back to running my life and style journal. Well, what can i say.? . Pharmacy school got more time consuming and inflexible as time went on. the pressure became so real, and i had to stop blogging for a while to face school squarely. Although sometimes i felt like i should have made an effort to try running both  all this time, but hey, school just sapped every time .

Now, i'm officially back. After i kissed my project defense goodbye, i just knew my next port of call would be to getting back to my blog. and nothing feels amazing like doing what you are really good and passionate at.

There is so much i would love to share , as the previous months off blogging has taught me a lot of lessons about life, fashion , style , music and inspiration. i want to also apologize to every of my reader that i left in the dark with my absence, and i promise to try and get you great and inspiring. I would suggest you watch out for this space for more exciting stuffs .

We are still on my personal journey through life, art, music, and style.

                        I am Kene Kingsley, and i am BACK and BETTER.

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  1. Welcome back! Thats an amazing piece of art, expecting new posts soon Kene ;)


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