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10:08 PMKene Kingsley

Hey Guys

How are you all doing.
First style post of the year (Yay-ness.!!). I took the previous month, trying to figure out the direction i would want to follow this year, concerning my style blogging. i'm yet to come up with something concrete, probably because of my work schedule and all, and the tiring and uninspiring moment (is it too early in the year for that?). Despite all, i believe it would all go fine.

Today, i want to talk about one of my favorite casual styles; the smart casual. Basically the smart casual is the subtle fusion of the formal outfits and casual in order to achieve the care-free, playful nature of casual style, and still have the solid form of formal dressing. Quite smart, isn't it ?

I wore this to a friend's get-together. At first, i had a simple white shirt on denim pants and a tie on, but afterwards i had to let go of the tie and add a navy blue blazer on and switch the formal shoes for Converse . The choice of styling for smart casual is relative to everyone, as long as it features both the formal and the casual. Denims may not necessarily be the style of choice, but the most important concept of this style is that it should be "easy and comfortable to wear".

I've discovered my new love for taking pictures on the streets. I wanted to give it the street style appeal, and the colour and signs give it an interesting edge.

What do you think of this look.? What is your definition of smart casual, and how do you like your smart casual style.  Do share with me your ideas and what you like about the smart casual look.

Do have a great day today. Thanks for reading today's post.

Kene' Kingsley

Photo Credit:OparaBoy

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