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Back and Better (III) : Tough Times Never Last.

5:00 AMKene Kingsley

                                                           How are y'all doing.
What seems like a major case of "long time no see" is back, and to be honest, it feels good to be back.

For those of you that actually remember who i am (thanks for that.!), i started this blog a while ago, with updates sometime early this year, but then i neglected it because i started working in a small pharmacy, then life and its events happened; from school issues to a faulty laptop that made me lose a lot of files, folders and work i've collated over the years. i felt really bad about all these, but hey.!, life has to go on.

Despite all these events, if there is one thing i've come to appreciate better, its the fact that tough times never last. Sometimes, we get through situations that come from all angles, and then sometimes it knocks you down and makes you lose your balance in life, but the great news is that these things don't stay down for too long. All you need is to stay hopeful and positive, because eventually everything would definitely turn out right.

Once again, its good to be back. I've got so much in store to share in subsequent posts, however i would love you all (everyone who has made it this far with me) to share with me things they would love to see on the blog. i may have all the ideas, but i would sure love to incorporate your ideas to make this a great journal.

A big thanks to everyone who kept up with me through my Instagram (@kenekingsley) and other social connects. I look forward to bringing you more of style, art, and inspiration.

Now, the question is : " What would you like to see ?"

                                                           Photo: OparaBoy

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