A Touch Of Ethnicity : The Aso-Oke Cap

10:11 AMKene Kingsley


                                            How are you all doing. Hope you had an amazing weekend .

 As i would always say, my sense of style is more like a journey, experiencing the adventure of fashion and style, both local and international, and being able to incorporate my influence to make it my personal, creative style .

This, is the inspiration behind the style of today's post.

I was having a conversation with James, and i realized one thing ; I don't have any traditional item in my wardrobe. This was more or less intentional, as my foray into traditional outfits was met with bad tailoring and lack of creativity from the tailors.

Eventually, i got challenged to start incorporating traditional attires to my wardrobe, and my first go-to was the Aso-Oke cap James had on.

The Aso-Oke fabric is a hand-woven fabric, made and adorned by people of Western Nigeria (the Yorubas). It could be made into long gowns worn by men ( called 'Agbada'), and wrappers tied by women (called 'Iro').

Initially, the plan was to share how simple yet stylish the white shirt and a good stone-wash denim was for the weekend, then the idea to add in the the Aso-Oke cap ( commonly called 'fila') and voila., it turned out pretty amazing.

In a simple fashion, i had a white shirt on, cufffed stone-wash denim pants, tassled shoes, and the Green Two- Function Bag (lol, what a name.!). I called it so, 'cause i love the duality of the bag. It had straps like a tote bag, and had adjoining fasteners, so it could be folded into a man purse. I got this from the Nigerian Fashion Bloggers' Yardsale a couple of months ago. You can read about it here

I really loved how it all played out, in terms of diversity, and i look forward to incorporating more styles and outfit from different ethnic groups.

                   " The beauty of ethnicity lies in its uniqueness and its diversity. Nigeria is blessed with a lot of ethnic groups at each geopolitical zone, each with their diversity and uniqueness that makes Nigeria a blessed and ethnically-unified country."

                           Thank you all for reading. I would appreciate your feedback on how ethnicity
                                 influences your style, and what you think about today's style post.

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                                                          Kene' Kingsley

Photo: Oparaboy.

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