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8:42 PMKene Kingsley

                                                          Hello People,
                                                     How are you all doing?
First, I'd like to apologize for the unexpected long break away from updating on here. I have quite a lot of valid reasons, from my tight working schedule to that one fateful day that my camera got broken a few months ago. It was only typical of me (or anyone in such situation) to lose all the verve and excitement that came with it, but i sorted my camera situation as soon as i could and got back on here.

"Photography is quite important when it comes to blogging, and i feel every blogger should have a good camera as an effective work tool to be successful, and to be able to get captivating on-the-spot pictures. I can go on about the importance of photography and why I'd prefer to learn and use my camera, but that's a story for some other day."

 For today's post, I'm sharing two of my favorite items: Denim (my favorite/signature style) and Blue (my favorite colour). I can never get exhausted talking about my love for denim (you can read about it here and here.

It was a typical cold and wet day in Lagos, and instead of getting a pullover, i opted for a denim jacket instead.

The Denim Jacket, I'd like to say, is an essential style staple that not only adds some sort of playful twist to an outfit, but it also gives it a stylish, yet contemporary casual effect to whatever ensemble you pair it with. I also love the versatility that the denim jacket exudes.

Initially, i was quite unaware of the blue coloured theme of styling, until midway to getting set for work, i realized i had a light blue dress shirt, navy pants, and a navy slim tie on, so i finished it with a turquoise  watch.

Speaking about blue as my favorite colour, I prefer blue to a couple of other favorite colours of mine because the colour blue has some sort of calming effect, and also gives off this air of confidence. From Azure, Teal, Turquoise, Duke/Oxford Blue, to Sky Blue, there is this air of dependability and coolness that comes with blue.

               I believe i have inspired you to incorporate a denim jacket into your daily style.

                                           "Do you have a denim jacket.? 
                                    How would you wear/style your denim jacket?. 
      Do share with me how you would style your denim jacket, and tell me about your favorite colour"

I appreciate everyone who had stuck with me despite my incessant breaks. Thanks for still keeping up with me and looking out for my blog posts. I hope to bring more exciting and consistent content (so help me God).
Thanks once again for reading. Do share your ideas and opinions in the comment section.

Kene' Kingsley

                                                         Photo: OparaBoy

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  1. The jacket is way too fab that I have been calling my local babalawo to trace you down #JustKidding. Lovely one. Really want right now

    1. Lmao....
      thanks Emmanuel.
      you should get a denim jacket. You'd appreciate it alot

  2. The jacket is way too fab that I have been calling my local babalawo to trace you down #JustKidding. Lovely one. Really want right now


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