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BLOG'IVERSARY: My Two- Year Journey To Blogging

2:43 AMKene Kingsley

The Kene' Kingsley Blog is TWO today....( Yaay..!)

Its funny how time flies when you take out time to do what you love doing. At first, i wasn't so excited about how far I've come, because of my inconsistencies with my post, minuscule blog stats (at 11,000 page views), and little or no brand collaborations. However, what excites me is the fact that two years ago, i said no the my procrastinating demons and went ahead to share my life ans style journey.

What can I say.? I'm so glad it has come this far. Being a blogger has helped me a whole lot. I've gotten to channel my creativity in my write-ups and improve my content development skill, and I got to meet amazing people along the way.

I'm also overwhelmed by the amount of exposure that my blog has brought me. For many who know me well, i can be pretty shy and withdrawn sometimes, but being a blogger has kind of gotten me out of that shell, to stop living in my comfort zone, and aspire for better things and people ahead.

As i would always say, this is just the beginning. I look forward to bringing more exciting style editorials, sharing more of my life and style journey, and merging with many other brands, as i eventually develop my brand. I hope to win an award through this too, if that isn't asking for too much. (Lol..!)

This is also to say a big thank you to everyone, both new and faithful readers of my journal. I can be a nuisance with my inconsistency sometimes, yet you still stick around, and I'm thankful for all that.  

Here's to many more successful years of sharing my life and style journey.


Kene' Kingsley.

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