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Six Things I'm Thankful For

10:54 AMKene Kingsley

                                                                              Hey Guys,
Today is World Thanksgiving Day, and i just want to share six things I'm thankful for: 

1.  Life:  I'm thankful for life . Sometimes , I wonder how one would be able to have dreams and aspirations if you're not alive to pursue them. For the fact that i am alive, hale and hearty, i believe everything will eventually fall into its perfect place in due time

2.  Challenging and Difficult Times : Now this is a tricky one. The times of difficulty has come to show me how strong i can actually be. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have placed in front of you. I always advise everyone to embrace difficult and challenging times as life's way of teaching you how to deal with situations with a calmer perspective, and deal with them successfully, and that I'm thankful for. 

3.  Good Friends : I'm always thankful for the few friends I have. I kind of have a few friends because i feel it takes someone amazing to deal with my kind of crazy. I'm always thankful for my friends because despite all I do, they still got my back no matter what. 

4.  About That Curvy Life Collective: I never knew it was going to be this much of a big deal, till i started seeing reviews from CNN, Blanck Digital, and so many more international news outlet. It feels so great being a part of this revolutionary trend of having plus size fashion appreciated on a high pedestal, especially from this side of the world and I'm so thankful for that, You can read about my experience here

5. Blessings and Greater Things Ahead: I'm a firm believer of being thankful for blessings ahead. A thankful heart is a happy heart, and a happy heart is a magnet to all good things. I look forward to more amazing blessings and people ahead of me, and I'm thankful in anticipation

6. You: Yes, you. You all reading my blog. I'm super thankful. I can imagine i write and share all these things and no one sees them or takes time to read them. I'm super thankful for you all and i look forward to bringing more and more valuable content.

 I can go on and on about things I'm thankful for, like good music, Blue BRT buses and Spaghetti.. (Lol.!), but these six are ones that are really important and I'm so thankful for them all .

What are you thankful for today.? Do share with me

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  1. Lols, grateful for spaghetti? Haha same here though.....Gratitude really brings more goodies


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