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Skin Care: The Ebony&Indigo Moroccan Clay Review

5:52 AMKene Kingsley

                                                                 Hey Guys,
  How are you all doing.? Hope you had a restful holiday yesterday. Mine was pretty good, as nothing brings me joy than a resting Monday. 

Yesterday, being a restful day, i had taken time out to do a little bit of grooming. I believe that skincare is essential for both women and men alike. Its no point having a sharp outfit on and an ill-treated skin or face. Skincare, especially within the tropics is essential in order to protect your skin against any weather condition.

I'm so happy about this post because this is my first brand collaboration.. (yay-ness..!), and I'm so glad to share about this product.

I got to know about Ebony&Indigo as they were one of the sponsors of the About That Curvy Life Collective and event (read about it here). I got interested in their product and made an inquiry, and  guess what?. I got one of their products delivered to me.

Let me talk a little bit about Ebony&Indigo. Ebony&Indigo is a skincare outlet that majorly deals with organic, hand-made, skincare products from soaps, cleansers, face masks, as well as skin care products for men. 

I preferred the Earth Kiss Moroccan Clay because I've heard so much about Moroccan clay, but I've never tried one. I've also read about how clays are good, especially for oily and acne-prone skin. They also help to detoxify the skin of all radicals and toxins...(okay, let me not go too far with the skincare terminologies and jargons). 

The clay is light brown, and moist. You first cleanse your face, then apply the clay on your face and neck, massaging as you apply. Leave for 10-15 minutes. DO NOT ALLOW THE MASK TO DRY OR GET FLAKY ON YOUR FACE . This is to avoid your face from getting dehydrated. Then you rinse off.

The clay mask has this cleansing feeling, leaving your face smooth...(you can check out my Snapchat @kenekingsley) . I like the fact that the mask had Argan oil, which is a very good natural moisturizer.

 There are many more amazing organic skincare products from Ebony&Indigo, and they are really affordable; another reason why i love them. You can check out their product line and make your order here

I'm so ecstatic about this review. I thought I'd never get a chance to have a product collaboration this year, but then "Good things happen when you believe". I look forward to more amazing brand collaborations. If you need to work with me, do send me a mail: kenekingsley@yahoo.com

Guys, how do you take care of your skin? Would you like to try something organic? 

P.S: You can also contact Ebony&Indigo for information on their skin care product range and more on skincare. Call +2348103191749, +2349090404336,+2348023016031.

 Have a great week ahead.

Kene' Kingsley

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