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The Blogger Point Christmas Party

10:40 AMKene Kingsley

                              The Blogger Point Christmas Party was so amazing...!

Hey Guys, how are you all doing?

I ought to have posted this update earlier, but i was having a morning run on Saturday morning, and splat...!, my phone fell and the screen got shattered. i got it fixed today and was really amped to share how my weekend went.

Last Saturday was a Christmas party with bloggers, organized by The Blogger Point, a hub that aims to connect Nigerian brands and bloggers. The party held at BLD by Play, Lekki.

I liked the party setting, as it had bloggers come together to have fun and unwind. I also got to meet other bloggers.

We also got to learn a few tips about blogging and brand development from OloriSuperGal, Toyosi of Desire 1709, and Deola of OmogeMuRa

                                            Deola of OmogeMuRa and OloriSuperGal

                                                        Toyosi of Desire 1709

                                  Toyosi (Desire 1709), OparaBoy, and OloriSuperGal

I was really excited about The Blogger Point Christmas Party, and i really look forward to more events from The Blogger Point stable. You can check out what the blogger point is all about here.

                                                        Bloggers in attendance

I look forward to more weekend events as the year officially rounds off. You can check out more of my weekend events here

I know its somewhat late to ask this, but 'How did your weekend go?'

Do share how your weekend went with me.


Kene' Kingsley.

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  1. LOvely post and photos, y'all definitely had a blast

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