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Afrocentrism: The Ankara Bomber Jacket

11:31 PMKene Kingsley

If there's anything that fuels my passion for fashion, it is the creative story behind every fashion piece, and the way it is being translated to a work of art, appreciated by all. This is my story with the Ankara Bomber Jacket.  - Kene' Kingsley

                                               Hey Guys, How are you all doing...?
 This is my first style post of the year (better late than never, right?), and I'm always excited whenever i pick a direction to start the year with style-wise. 
 I shared that i was going to incorporate more ethnicity in my style this year (you can read about it here .), so there was no other way i could start the year than to style my Ankara Bomber Jacket.

So How Did Bomber Jackets Became a Fashion Item...?

The origin of Bomber Jackets (originally known as Flight Jackets) dates back to the era of World War  I, where planes did not have cockpits for pilots and air travelers. The first set of Bomber Jackets were made to protect pilots and air travelers from the extremely cold weather while on air. Eventually the Bomber Jackets translated from that to the American Military, to the civilian life, and as time went on, it transcended to a trendy fashion item.

Back To Today...

This year, i told myself not to hold back my creativity, so when the idea of getting a bomber jacket came up sometime last year, i contacted Oparaboy with my ideas and sketches, and voila.!, an Ankara Bomber Jacket was created.  If you can recall sometime ago in this post, i shared that i was going to attempt an infusion of ethnicity and indigenous ingenuity into my everyday style, so I was pretty excited about the whole ensemble.

Because the print of the Ankara fabric had this cool color and geometry thing going on, I had to keep the overall look simple with a white shirt and my all-time-stone-washed denim pants and black shoes.

The Bomber Jacket is not just a trendy style item, but its also a style staple. It also functional as it could be made with leather or a thicker material to protect from the cold weather, or in my case, made with a lighter fabric that adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall look. 

The art of Afrocentrism is the creative ability to incorporate a mix of African culture into one or two proponents of Western culture, be it in artistry or fashion. It is an ideology that is to be embraced worldwide in order to appreciate the creativity and diversity of African Culture.

I'm pretty excited about the tone at which my style took off for the year, and I look forward to trying more creative ideas. I promised you guys a lot of creativity this year, right?

 I love how the creative story behind my Ankara Bomber Jacket, and I'd love to know your opinion and how else i can style the Ankara Bomber Jacket.

                                Do you like the Ankara Bomber Jacket and would love to get one? 
                                 Just shoot me an email,

 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting style journey, so don't miss out on any detail, do connect with me 

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  1. Crisp photography. Nice Print.

  2. I like the bomber jacket and I agree with you that it's definitely a style staple!

    ­­Subomi|My Fashion Musings

    1. i couldn't agree any more about this. thanks for your opinion

  3. I love the ankara jacket. Its so fine. I also love youe blog outlay


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