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New Year : The Beginning of a New Journey

12:54 AMKene Kingsley

                                                                           Happy New Year, Beautiful People.

We made it to the year 2017, and I'm so thankful for that (if you ask me). I always love the idea of coming into the new year as a new page of a new diary, ready to chronicle the awesomeness and uniqueness of the year.

I'm one of those people who never start the year on the first day, because I spend the first 4-5 days to plan, reflect, and make projections for the year.

You can see how i subtly evaded the word "Resolutions". To be honest, I'm more of an instantaneous individual. I'd rather not make resolutions, because the thought of following a few words for the year makes it more cumbersome to follow it. I'd rather change or act at the instant, and move on (maybe write it down so that I don't forget it). 

Please, if you do make resolutions, share with a brother how that works for you... Thank you.

Meanwhile, the New Year is here with a lot of ideas and inspirations for my life and style, and i look forward to it with a ready heart, a curious mind, and eyes open wide.

With every new year comes the need to grow, to develop, and to improve. Its going to be quite a huge responsibility for me, but I believe its achievable.

For my life journey in 2017, I aspire to be happy; to live a life that is worry-free, explore new places and improve on myself as an individual.

My next post is going to be a forecast of what i hope to incorporate into my style for 2017. 

2017 is going to be an amazing year, and I hope you guys join me in journeying into 2017.
Welcome to my Life and Style Journey 2017. Let the voyage........BEGIN.!!!

I wish you all a new year filled with purpose and great achievements.

Kene' Kingsley 

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  1. Happy new year Kingsley! Resolutions don't work for me either, if you find out how it works do inform me lol. Hoping for the best for 2017 and I pray the year turns out well.

    1. Lool....
      I do hope the year becomes a good one too...

      Thank you Dammy


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