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Afrocentrism II : The Ankara Pants

8:17 AMKene Kingsley


                                                                   Hello Guys, 
                                               Happy New Month (hope its not too late... lol )
           January was more like a free trial month for me. Now its over , it is time to work.

In my style incorporation post sometime ago, i promised to apply more of ethnicity and local prints, and i made my first attempt with an Ankara Bomber Jacket (you can read about it here.)

 Still in the spirit of Afrocentrism, i recalled how i promised to share my outfit details for the third day of the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 (you can read about my first fashion week experience here.)
As i had promised earlier, I had to make a full outfit post ...

I remember that time in the fashion week, it was pretty busy for me as I was working as an intern for AboutThatCurvyLife Collective, and I was just clueless as to what to wear that Saturday. Then I randomly scrolled through Instagram , and saw the pieces by Nigerian menswear designer Kamsi T'Charles showcased at Glitz Fashion Week of that year.
And that was where the inspiration for my outfit was drawn from. As fashion and style creatives, it is imperative to never underestimate the influence of social media on fashion and style.
If there's one thing i love about this look, it has to be the fact that Western style can be switched with the fusion of African identity to make an overall formidable look.

 In contrast to the inspiration and the actual look for fashion week, I switched the white Converse shoes for Black Brogues to bring uniformity to the whole ensemble, since i had a black blazer on. I also made an artistic switch by switching up my gold reindeer chained collar tips as a lapel pin, and just kept other accessories minimal.

My simple advice to pulling off African Prints into your style is to first select prints, cuts and colors that exude artistry. The beauty of Ankara fabric is that there are diverse, mind-blowing prints out there. Its a question of using your discretion to decipher if any print of choice you select looks good on you.

Also, the cut of the proposed outfit should be one that fits accurately, but I'd like to believe the designer in question has the eye for that, so you shouldn't necessarily bother about that.

 Now, on styling the finished product, ensure that your accessories (shoes and bags) should be in cohesion with the outfit, be it a full regalia or an Ankara piece (with Ankara pants, in my own case).
If you're on the creative and adventurous side, you can mix and match prints. The most important factor to consider is comfort, and elegance in style.

  To round this off , I suggest that accessories (especially for we the male folks) should be conservative. If you are fusing Ankara with a blazer or a waistcoat or something Western or formal, keep the accessorizing simple so that emphasis would be placed on the styling, color and fit of the entire ensemble.

"The art of Afrocentrism is the creative ability to incorporate a mix of African culture into one or two proponents of Western culture, be it in artistry or fashion. It is an ideology that is to be embraced worldwide in order to appreciate the creativity and diversity of African Culture"

I believe you've caught one or two tips on how to style your Ankara fabric and why you should incorporate ethnic prints to your wardrobe. I'd appreciate it if you can share your opinion of my style and ideas on how you'd style your Ankara prints. 

                                               Black Blazer: Kenneth Cole
                                               Ankara Pants: OparaBoy
                                               Beige Wristwatch: Avi-8 Watches

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead .

Kene' Kingsley 

 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting style journey, so don't miss out on any detail, do connect with me 


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  1. Love how the lapel pin added a classy feel to the outfit. Love the prints too.

  2. I love the pants so. Much!!!! I honestly lack print pants and I should remedy that because they a style Essential and I must try out this look

    1. Lol... Thanks Vincent
      You should get one . I can't wait to see how you pull off the look..


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