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Trouble Maker : Slogan Tees X Desire1709 Fashion

10:56 AMKene Kingsley

 Hello guys . Hope your weekend is going well, and i believe the previous weekdays were good . Mine was a mix of hectic and good. I don't want to even rant about the fact that I'm working this weekend, like Who works on a weekend..?.

I ought to have posted this last weekend, but a boy was pretty busy. I just had my laptop to work, quickly rush up this post, and pretended like nothing spectacular had happened..(LOL)

In the course of the weekend, I had planned to go to Mente De Moda for the month, and i had rummaged through my wardrobe to realize that " I didn't have a T-Shirt". I understand that I wear a lot of formal shirts, majorly because of my work ethics, but i never took cognizance of my not having an outdoor t-shirt. Then came the need to get one asap.

So i was on the lookout for a good T-Shirt that was of quality and affordable, and then Desire1709 Fashion came to the rescue . I was going through their Instagram feed (you can follow me on Instagram here); and i came across this "Trouble Maker" slogan tee, and it was just love at first sight. I just had to cop the tee asap. "You never get a second chance to cop amazing stuff, so if you see them and you can get them, grab them as soon as possible"
Desire1709Fashion is an online fashion store that is owned by the beautiful and amazing Toyosi Gregory-Jonah. You can remember her from The Blogger Point Christmas Party last year.
Desire 1709Fashion also have a walk-in store by LSDPC complex by Shitta Bridge, Surulere, Lagos. They also stock amazing wears, both womenswear and menswear (but you'd have to make a personal request to get the best of whatever menswear you're looking for).

The Slogan T-Shirt came through and i loved its simplicity, and the "Trouble Maker" slogan, however the challenge of styling this simple black tee came up.

I could've just gone with a minimalist style with the tee, but my chicken drumstick arms wouldn't let me be great, so i switched up my style with a navy blue Chinos pants, Black Brogue shoes and a black hat to keep it in sync with the tee and give a uniform dark theme.  I had a denim jacket swung over my shoulder. You can see how a denim jacket is capable of switching up a style and making it stylish and effortless.

I love everything about this look and how the entire ensemble turned out well. This has also inspired me to look more into tees and incorporate more T-shirts into my wardrobe.

Quick Styling Tip: When purchasing T-shirts, ensure that the t-shirt in question is the right size and the right fit. If you are getting them online, know your size measurements (you can measure your chest size with a tape rule to know your exact size).
Also, if the T-shirt is a simple one, you can either go with a minimalist perspective and keep it simple, or you can go the extra mile and style your T-shirt with other clothing items and accessories. You can also pull off an informal yet modern dapper look by wearing your T-Shirt with a sport jacket or blazer and cotton pants . 

I believe i have given you a fresh insight on T-Shirts, and I look forward to sharing more T-Shirt inspired looks and style. I would love to hear your opinion about T-Shirts, and creative ways you would style them.

You can check out more dope pieces from Desire1709Fashion here.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your comment and I do hope you stay...

Kene' Kingsley 

 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting style journey, so don't miss out on any detail, do connect with me 


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  1. Lovvveee the inscription tee! And I love that it's black and not white, and denim is always on point

  2. I love the slogan tee! And the denim with it gives it an edge. Love the pictures as well!

    Subomi|My Fashion Musings

  3. Good styling tip. 'Trouble Maker' if I wear this t shirt my friends will just say she is finally coming out plain.

  4. Your picture skills are just breathtaking...


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