Plain White Tee: A Minimalist Perspective

6:17 AMKene Kingsley

  Hello Beautiful People
Its been a long while on here, and i must apologize for the long unexpected absence. I had plans to make a few major adjustments on the blog, but the plan didn't fall through, coupled with the fact that i was ill... (but hey, I'm good now).
 How have you all been ? 
Earlier this year, i cleaned my wardrobe, and I wanted to do a revamp. My style instincts moved me to start with the basics, and what else should be an essential than the simple white tee shirt. As we all know, a tee shirt is a unisex fabric shirt, named a because of the T-shaped structure of  the body and the sleeves. The Tee Shirt was once seen as an undergarment because of its lightweight nature, functionality, and nature of clothing material, being predominantly cotton.

 However, in the 90's, the plain white tee evolved from an undergarment to an essential style staple, and that's the measure of success that it could attain. The basic white tee; known for its simplicity and its blank page quality makes for its uniqueness for all functions, be it work ( ...that's if you are the Boss), athleticism (for use in sports),as an accessory to expression of art, or to accentuate sex appeal (..that is when its clingy).

Personally, I had used plain white tee shirts as an undershirt for a long while, so that it absorbs sweat, and it does not give the reveal lines (as in the case of white under vests), so i wanted to make a transition of my simple white tee to an outdoor wear. Let's be honest, there are times when we want to go somewhere and we want to wear something simple and weather-friendly ( for the unfriendly Lagos weather)

That's where the Plain White Tee Shirt comes in...

If you can recall from my previous post about tee shirts., i took a foray into tee shirts because i want to see style from different points of views, hence my choice of a plain white tee in this post. The Tee Shirt in this post is by OakBridge, gotten from MRP. It is simple, easy-to-wear, and easy-to-style. I was looking from a minimalist perspective of style, hence the choice of pairing my white tee with a pair of formal black pants for that normcoresque appeal .

The styling options to white tee shirt is limitless, and it depends on the style you are looking to pull off. You can keep it simple as i did with the white tee shirt, black pants and black shoes, and give off that monochrome and minimalist vibe to styling. If you want to take things up a notch, you can pull on a blazer over this and accessorize. I think the best style advice is to see a white tee shirt as a plain canvass, ready to awaken your creative side to styling.
Also, the fit is also essential. If you want to wear a white t-shirt as an outdoor wear, you need to get your exact size and fit. However, you can get a smaller fit (..if you have biceps to flex), but care should be taken so as not to get a fit that pulls off as an undergarment instead of an outdoor wear. To be safe, you can get a loose fit of a white tee shirt, as it has this subtle way of creating a silhouette against what you pair it with, be it denim, cotton , or prints.

I believe I've succeeded in giving someone a fresh perspective to styling a plain white tee, and I'd appreciate your opinion on how i styled my white tee shirt and how else you would style a white tee shirt.
On another note, i want to apologize for the hiatus from blogging. I appreciate it if you do stay with me in my life and style journey. 

Do you have a white T-shirt? . How would you style your white tee.?  What do you think about the way I styled my white tee shirt. Do share your opinion with me in the comments. Thank you.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your comment and I do hope you stay...

Kene' Kingsley 

                                         Photo Credit : Tolulope Adesoji
 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting style journey, so don't miss out on any detail, do connect with me 


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  1. I really like this look, mostly because it's like my go to look anyday, anytime hahaha go figure

  2. Kene, it's nice and simple. I think I should try it out.

  3. A good white tee is definitely an essential that everyone should have. It's the perfect blank canvass when planning an outfit. Love the simplicity of the look. xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  4. This look is usually a life saver for me, especially on my lazy days. I love how you pulled off yours. I mostly just wear a jacket that any black or white when I'm wearing something like this. Thank you for the tips!



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