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1:54 AMKene Kingsley

                                            Hey Guys, How are you all doing..?
I'm sorry I've not been sharing my playlist with you all for a long time, you can recall the last playlist i curated here., I've had time constraints and a few technical problems here and there, but its all good to share this once again.
Surprisingly, we are rounding off the month of April (see how time flies?), and a lot of amazing albums and great songs have been released within the first quarter of the year. From singles by Bruno Mars, Clean Bandit, Seyi Shay, to albums by Ed Sheeran, Chance The Rapper

Without much ado, lets dig in to my playlist for the month.

Album :(Single)

 I love everything about this song: the composition, the lyrics, the upbeat vibe of the song. The play of a little bit of Latin Music, Afrobeat, high-life, and the rhythmic fusion of trumpets just made this song dope. The colorful video was just a cherry on the cake. You can check out the video here.

Album: ÷  (Divide)(2017)

I love how Ed Sheeran sells love and innocence in his songs, so when i downloaded this album, i randomly picked Barcelona and i was awed by this song. This song gives you some sort of nostalgia, making you wish you were in Barcelona with a loved one. I love the guitar intro, and the way the song is not so upbeat, but has this carefree ambience to it. Nice stuff.

Album: The Chief (2017)

The Classic Man is here with amazing stuff, as usual. This song is one of my favorites on the album (alongside with "Some Kind of Way"). I love the swaying effect of the song, the reggae vocal styling, and the 50's kind of melody. I also loved the back storyline of the song. You can check out the video here

ALBUM: GOLD (2016)

 The funny thing about this album is that, I've actually had this album on my iTunes since last year, (yes, it was released July 2016), and because i had collected the album from a friend, this song was missing from the album. Coming back to early this year, I heard this song at a mall, and i was shocked that it was from this album. I love the fusion of the Indian vibe, and Simi's vocal inclusion to the song. "Ariwo ko ni music" meaning that "Noise is not Music". I heard sometime that the song was referring to Davido, (but that was gossip for last year..!). Overall, i think its a great song.

Album: (Single) (2016)

I loooove everything about this song; like i listen to this song virtually everyday. If you all remember, my issues with Nigerian songs generally was basically how the lyrical content doesn't just do it for me, but this song has gone to prove that you can actually have mad beats, with a good storyline for lyrics, and this was so well executed. I also love the fusion of both the indigenous Igbo beats and lyrics, and the collaboration with Olamide. Amazing stuff.

Album: (Single) (2017)

Urban 96.5 FM made me like this song. For may of you all that do not know, Major Lazer is a trio of record producer Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. (This trio would make you wish you had a DJ as a bestie..). Major Lazer's collabs are always party-like, from Lean On with MO and DJ Snake, to All My Love with Ariana Grande and Machel Montano. Run Up is a new single that featured PartyNextDoor and Nicki Minaj. With these three in one song, you can expect nothing but mind-blowing, orgasmic party mix. Dope stuff.

Album: Flight of The Crow (2010)

Passenger (real name Michael David Rosenberg), is an English singer-songwriter and musician. I've known Passenger to be the new Owl City (kinda...), with his slow, mushy songs with a pretty amazing story line, till I listened to this song. Really good stuff too, if you ask me .

Album:  ÷  (Divide)(2017)

Bibia Be Ye Ye means "All Will Be Well"... This song is also a track from his new album. This song is just as happy-goey as Bracelona, but this has a tribal fusion , and the Ghanaian language infused in the song. "Se enioma enko ye" means "If things aren't going well." So basically, the song's message through the indigenous Twi language of Ghana is that "If things aren't going well, don't worry, everything will be alright eventually and your problems will be solved. Quite comforting.

Album: (Single) (2017).

DJ Khaled is my branding and social media "goooals" right now. If there's one thing i love about DJ Khaled, its how he has made a household name for himself via social media: and how he's made fatherhood so appealing with his son, Ashad. This song was released shortly after the end of the 59th Grammy Awards. With Beyonce assuring us that despite the fact that she lost the Album of The Year award to Adele (i feel Adele deserved the award anyways..), she's not fazed by award politics with the "All this winning" lines of the song. She's been winning for 20 years, so watchu' saying.? . I also love the Jay-Z/Beyonce collab, that gave us a "Deja Vu" reminiscence. Another good song here too.

and the last but not the least is....

Album : Coloring Book (2016)

At this point, its safe to say that my playlist this month was all about the party, the upbeat, and the jive; probably due to the fact that i just inducted as a Clinical Pharmacist (I'm going to talk about this in my next post for sure). I was quite happy for Chance the Rapper for winning the Grammy's Best Rap album with Coloring Book. I love the fusion of rap and gospel with this album, but All Night is my favorite on this album. I love the carefree, party, upbeat rhythm to this song.


ED SHEERAN-   ÷  (Divide)(2017)

Ed Sheeran's album was pretty amazing. Barcelona gave me that happy nostalgia, and with Rihanna's influence in Shape of You, as well as the African catch-line in Bibia Be Ye Ye, these three automatically became my top three favorites in the album. Ed Sheeran also warmed my heart with the Supermarket Flowers he wrote about his mum. I also love the words of wisdom he talked about from his dad in What Do I Know...
                      "Son, don’t you get involved in politics, religion or other people’s quarrel."
 I also loved the sing-along appeal of the song too. I felt he was throwing a jab at someone in New Man, an ex's new boyfriend maybe (i don't wish to be that guy, whoever he is... Lmao). Nancy Mulligan and Galway Girl had pretty interesting story line, and a little bit of Folk Music. I also loved how he stripped it all in  Perfect and Happier, talking about some past love. 
Overall, I can say that the album was just awesome,and worth the wait. I love the play of mathematical symbols he's doing with his album title. There was + in 2011, X in 2014,  ÷ in 2017. I can imagine what 2020 would be, - (minus), maybe?


I'd love to say that I like everything about this album, but i don't like everything about this album, i LOVE everything about this album. I remember when i first came across this album from the Little Bit More single i first heard at Lagos Fashion and Design Week last year, and Long Live The Chief from the Marvel series, Johnny Cage. Luckily, these songs were incorporated into the album. I also love the fusion of the Igbo culture in A Bull's Tale, Trampoline, White Niggas as well as Adaora. I didn't really fancy the play of genres from different tracks on the album, which gave it a slightly disorganized appeal, but individual tracks on the album had their own feel, which was pretty cool. Bambi is one of my favorites, as the swaying effect was quite appealing. Some Kind of Way was also one of my favorites, because it actually had some truths there." No matter what you do or what you say/ Somebody's gonna feel some kind of way".
Overall, it was a creative work from the Classic Man.

Now, that's a wrap for my playlist of the month. Do watch out for more in the coming months.

What do you think of my playlist.? Do share your opinion in the comments section, and let me know if you have any artiste, album, or song you'd like to share with me.

Song Sources:,,, and iTunes. 

Thanks for reading through and have an awesome new month ahead of you.  

Kene' Kingsley.

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  1. I love Ariwo Ko, it's my favourite Adekunle Gold song. I'm yet to listen to Ed Sheeran's album properly. The only song I know from it is Shape of You. Nice playlist Kingsley :)

    Coco Bella Blog


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