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TBP x Bibi's GrillHouse: The Bloggers' Taster Event

6:31 AMKene Kingsley

  Hey Guys. How are you all doing.?. Hope your weekend was a fun-filled one.?
In the course of the weekend, I was invited to the Bloggers' Taster Event, organized by The Blogger Point, in collaboration with Bibi's Grill House. If you can remember where i talked about The Blogger Point and the amazing event i attended sometime ago here.
To save us all the long story, we were given the opportunity as bloggers (uh huh... i can say that again) to come experience what Bibi's Grill House had to offer, and i must say that it was amazing, of course it should is Bae

Bibi's Grill House, located at the second floor of the Maryland Mall, is a dine-out that offers a variety of grills, barbecues, and cuisine of both Nigerian and international treats, and all at affordable prices. I never knew you could have something this good at such price range, and that's a good one if you ask me. It was all about food, drinks, laughter and networking among bloggers as Bibi's Grillhouse staff gave us the very best of their menu, ranging from grilled chicken, turkey, fish along with their sides; from fries, roasted plantain(boli), to pasta.

I had the grilled chicken with fries and sauce, and it was pretty good. I'm not necessarily a food blogger, but I do love cooking, and the chicken was well grilled. It wasn't overcooked, and it wasn't so charred, which is actually a good one. The fries were also good too. 
Other than the food, i also got to connect with other bloggers that were present at the event, and also got to learn a few things about how each of them go about blogging and schedules and all. I was also surprised that I was the only guy invited, but everyone around was good company.

 Mayreejay, Toyosi, and Tofunmi

It was quite an interesting event, and I have to give a thumbs-up to both Bibi's GrillHouse and The Blogger Point. I believe this is one of the most effective ways to push your brand and business; getting influencers who'd connect to more people to create more awareness about your brand.
The Bibi Grill House also offers take-aways and make deliveries for your lunch at your convenience and at little or no cost. They are also amazing if you want to have an event, or a get-together, and you want to save yourself the stress of making grills and finger foods .
Thanks to The Blogger Point and Bibi's GrillHouse for an experience to remember.  I'm definitely coming back anytime soon for another treat.

Bibi's GrillHouse is located at the 2nd floor of the Maryland mall, 350-360 Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village, Lagos. You can contact them on Instagram or contact them on 0805 259 6121.

Thanks for reading, and I do hope you all had an amazing weekend too. Feel free to share with me on how your weekend went. If you went for the Eyo Festival, do share with me how it all went down.
Thanks for reading and have a splendid week ahead of you.

Kene' Kingsley 

 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting life, events and style journey, so don't miss out on any detail, do connect with me 


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  1. Reminiscing on this as the foodie that i am. Lovely post dear

  2. See food o... Not a foodie but I love delicacies like this.
    This is simply amazing. I love how clear and clean your images are.

  3. You guys sure had a whole lot of fun. This was a good read too 👍

  4. Nice one. Lovely pictures and yes, we must give a thumbs up to the bloggerpoint.. They really bringing bloggers togeda.. We had similar event in Abuja a few weeks back.. You can read all about it here.

    1. thanks Salmah.
      i always look forward to TBP's events
      amazing stuff

  5. Hey Kene! It was great meeting you at the blogger taster!!You took really great pictures (seems like you have a good eye for photography!) Check out my review here

    1. Thank you,Mary.
      It was also nice meeting you too.

  6. First off lovely pictures... you guys sure had lot's of fun...definitely looking out for next time
    Have a great day

  7. Lovely pictures! This is like the third post I am reading about the amazing outing, y'all sure had a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing!

    Oréoluwa’s blog


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