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11:38 PMKene Kingsley

Helloo Stranger...

Its been quite an age on here; and i must admit that it was no intention of mine to stay long off blogging and the whole creative journey. 

The question is,' Where have I been.?'

Well, if you can recall early last year, I finished my program as a Clinical Pharmacist, and the next step was to start a one-year Clinical Internship program, which kicked off at a Community Pharmacy here in Lagos. 

The whole program has been time-intensive: and alongside that, I had a personal project that i needed to pull through, which was also going to take a whole chunk of time and attention. In all these and as time progressed, it dawned on me that at some point, there won't be time for anything else for this project to work as soon as possible.

Eventually, I made a six-month time estimate off blogging and creative work in order for this plan to work. Of course, I was aware of how that much time was going to affect my blog and brand, but this sacrifice I made paid off; so I'd like to believe that it was a worthy move.

I apologize to all my readers for this long, unprecedented silence off the blog. It was never my intention to abandon my blog, or you guys (my forever loyal supporters) especially for such a long period of time. 

I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that was still with me, sending me mails and checking out my blog despite my long absence. I definitely can't promise to not go off, but I'd ensure that i keep everyone posted ahead, should in case there would be any recurrence.

Thank you all once again, and I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2018. 

Kene' Kingsley 

 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting life, events and style journey, so don't miss out on any detail, do connect with me 


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