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12:18 AMKene Kingsley

"Style for me has been way more than combining outfits and colours; on the contrary, Style has been a journey of self-discovery and expression of my creativity, experimenting ideas and incorporating new elements as time goes by"

- Kene' Kingsley. 

The previous year (though it was stifled short by my work schedule and some other projects) was quite exciting while I was at it. If there was one thing that I experienced a whole new perspective with in the course of the previous year, it had to be my interest in Ankara Prints. The whole idea of fusing these ethnic pieces into my Western looks was so exciting for me, and in all honesty, I wished i had more time and chance to explore more of African prints.

 Now we are in a new year, and new year implies new, exciting ideas with style. 

This year, I'd like to share what I intend incorporating into my style.


I recall the main purpose of starting my blog was not only to share my journey through life and style, but also as an avenue to share one or two knowledgeable tips about the need to dress well, and feel good in any outfit, formal or casual. I do hope to share more of that this year, so you should look forward to more detailing on how to wear formal outfits. 


Over the previous year, i took a foray into African prints, and I loved it...!. Hopefully in this year, I'd love to take on more prints, and discover more prints, from Ankara to Adire, to other continental prints and textiles. Best believe, I may have to pay a visit to my mom's stash of prints and look out for some interesting prints. 


Streetwear is one aspect of style that forever stays trendy and relevant when you talk of style. I'd like to incorporate streetwear/casuals this year, because I love seeing the comfort, and the ease at which streetwear style effortlessly gives off. You'd sure see me get a lot more comfortable this year. 


The beauty of style is in its creativity. I do hope to infuse a whole lot of creativity with my style this year and break my style boundaries. I'm sure coming for those items and style that I'd have previously said "Ooh, I can't wear that" to, because life is too short to not give so many things and ideas a try (at the least).

There are many more ideas and style that I'd sure love to incorporate, but in the course of the year, as they would surely unfold ... so watch out for this space. 

What would you like to incorporate into your style this year?

Do share with me in the comments section. 

 Thanks for reading,

Kene' Kingsley.  


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  1. I don't know, I'm really not a fan of Ankara, so I think I'll do more of colorful wears and prints this year.
    Nice post dear


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