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#OOTD: A Short Situation.

1:23 AMKene Kingsley

Shorts were one item I dreaded a lot, but this year in style I promised to take a foray into items, pieces and ideas I was quite scared of pulling off, because "When in Style, you Never Say Never".

As comfortable and weather-friendly as it can be, Shorts were something i would not wear outdoors intentionally. One major reason was because i had yammy  sturdy legs
(because i run a lot), and i was easily prone to bites from insects

 However, having put on pants all through the working weekday, i try to be as comfortable as I can be when the weekends come through, and nothing else defines comfort in clothing than a good pair of shorts. 
"The Yams gotta breathe
 As the name implies, Shorts are clothing items worn at the body's midsection, from the waist down to the knees. These pieces dated from the 80's military, and has evolved to become a casual staple worn by both men and women. They are worn majorly in the summertime and in the warmer weathers, and as a casual style. They can also be styled in a smart casual way, and seldom recognized as a formal outfit. 

For this look, I wanted a really laid-back casual fit, so I had my shorts deconstructed from a semi-washed blue denim pants, and had it paired with a dress shirt that was deconstructed to a mandarin collar shirt.
I finished the look with a White Converse sneaker shoes, and a white cap.

I love the effortless, playful yet coordinated look that comes with shorts; as well as the fact that it goes well with any other casual outfit or look. You can also pull off a formal look with this if you want to take things a notch up. I believe a good pair should be a wardrobe staple .

Whats your take on shorts? Do you like/dislike them? How would you style your shorts? Do share with me your opinion and ideas about shorts. 

Thanks for reading and do stick around for a guide on how to wear shorts...

Kene' Kingsley.  

shirt: Zara (Deconstructed) / Denim shorts: Levi Strauss & Co. (Deconstructed) / Shoes: Converse. 
 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting life, events and style journey, so don't miss out on any detail, do connect with me 



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  1. Beautiful Read!
    I've been a shorts person from Day 1. A lot of yabs tho... Yours is yammy, mine is how can a guy not have fur on his legs or any injuries... lol. I get that a lot when I wear shorts. But I still rock them anyday!

  2. lmao... I can relate to that. Thats good tho'..

  3. I love shorts but I hate the attention they just seem to drag. Funny how I plan to turn one of my trousers into shorts haha, definitely recreating this look. Great post Kene

    1. Thanks Vincent. I really look forward to seeing how you recreated this look.

  4. Great photos, and the blue outfit against the blue sky is amazing!

  5. Thank you very much. I appreciate this

  6. Lol, if I were shorts I get too body conscious. I do not still know how to

    Amusan Oluwaseun

    1. Lol.. i get that. I'd definitely share a guide on how to wear shorts , anytime soon. Do stick around.


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