I am Kene Kingsley

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm a model, art and photography lover, and a Clinical Pharmacist by training.

I Love Art. I believe art is an expression of the innate human nature, a reflection of one's thought and ideas, and these ideas that makes everyone unique in his/her own way.

I Love Fashion. I believe Fashion is way beyond our dressing, and the way we look. its a depiction of the state of our minds, and the inner creative within us.

I Love Nature.  The beauty of Sunrise and Sunset, the serenity of Sunday mornings, the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, and the fragrance of after-rain.

I Love Photography. There's nothing as beautiful as a captured moment.

I Love Music. From the slow, calming of Classic Music and RnB, to the energetic up-beat of Hip-Hop and Rap

I Love Food (...lol). I'm always open to the adventures of food, and always ready to try on a new cuisine.

I Believe in a Happy Life, appreciating every moment as it comes, be it good or bad.I hope to live a life that would be a living inspiration to the world at large.

This is a journal to document my journey through art, fashion, life, and style.

You are welcome, and I do hope you stay.

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