2016: The Life Journey So Far

                                               Hello mates, how are you all doing?

The year 2016 is almost hours to coming to an end, and i must really say that 2016 was quite an experience for me.

First, i have to apologize for not making or updating more about life . At some point in time and life, i had to take a break from writing about my life because it seemed pretty hurting to write about it, talk more of making it public, but then, the purpose of having a segment of life on my blog was to use it as an avenue to inspire someone out there. I may not necessarily put it all out there, but every item i get to put out here is to connect more with someone out there, to be a source of value to someone.

2016 was quite an arduous year for me, to be really honest. I was always the one to cheer people up in times of difficulty, but then the question of “who cheers the cheer-er (if such a word exists, lol.!) when all goes down” surfaced, and it wasn’t a funny situation at all.

I experienced failures and depression, and some days, i just wished life could end, but somewhere mid-year, i had an epiphany.

                                                                 Life has to go on

Often times, life hands us a really bad one and it feels like you can never get out of this one, but the truth is, YOU CAN. At some point, you have to be strong, because at that time in life, being strong is all that you’ve got left to be.

This year taught me that life is not about how many times you’ve fallen, but how many times you are able to rise from that fall, and be better. Be stronger. Be wiser than before.  

                                                       I’m yet to see a storm that lasted so long…

This year, i also learned to worry less. Sometimes, we worry so much about issues and situations that we tend to magnify them more than they actually are. If things do not go as planned, why waste so much time and energy over situations that are out of your control?. I learned to take life and things easy. Nothing difficult stays difficult for long, and eventually everything falls into place.

This year, i also learned never to underestimate the value of friends and a good support system. If you are lucky enough to have a few amazing friends, never let them go; always pray for them. Also, friends come and go. Never sweat it.!. I’d like to relate life and friendships like a book or a serie movie; at some chapter or episode, there are friends that come to your life, and in the next chapter, they are gone, while there are friends that are with you from the beginning to the end of the book. The fact that friends leave doesn’t mean any of you two are bad friends, but that’s how life made it to be. 

                                          There are friends for a season, and there are friends for a lifetime.
                                                             Take time to decipher who is who 

2016 also taught me to try new things, meet new people, and always be up and lively about life. Celebrate little progresses. Always be in pursuit of that which fuels your passion, because that is where happiness and fulfillment comes from. 

I can never stop talking about Embracing Your Pace. Never try comparing yourself and your success to anyone else, you would end up overworking yourself, and achieving little, because you’re running on someone else’s lane. Be Yourself. Do Your Best in your best of capacity and believe it will be good enough.
 I can’t say that life is going to be awesome from now on, but i can say 2016 has trained me to be better at handling difficult times, and coming out successful.

                                                  Finally, never underestimate the power of prayer. 
                                                             God listens and knows what’s best 

                                                          How was 2016 for you? 
                                                    Any valuable lessons learned? 
                                     Do share with me what life lessons you learned in 2016…… 

Have a great and amazing year 2017 ahead of you. 


Kene’ Kingsley  

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