2017: The Life Journey So Far.

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It is not yet late to talk about how the year 2017 was… or is it? 

I remember the first day of 2017, the major thing I prayed for was Growth, growth in finances and all creativity, but as the year went through, i saw Growth from a whole new perspective.
2017 was just one roller-coaster ride; where you would be at the top of the rail in one moment, and in the next you’d be so down below you’d wonder how it all happened. I had exciting moments, as well as i had depressing moments. I got way out of my comfort zone. I lived and i learned. I took risks and got a lot of L’s.
Despite these moments, I’m still grateful because every experience and lessons learned last year were foundational materials that were necessary to make me a better person.

Without much ado, I’d like to share the 9 Life Lessons I Learned This Year. 

1. Growth is the most uncomfortable, yet rewarding process:
  If you are one who prays for growth, then get ready to let go of your comfort zone. Often times, life has a way of taking you through a refining course, so that at the end when the blessings come through, you’d appreciate every single one as it comes along. So don’t be sad, weary or tired when it seems like everything is so hard or nothing is working out, because that’s you being the seed, building roots of stability. It gets better with time, just exercise the patience to “Grow through what you go through”

2. Its okay not to be okay:

I’m saying this because often times we tend to put a facade and make it look like everything is okay,(social media makes matters worse). It’s okay to have challenges. It’s okay to have difficult times. It’s okay to shut down everything, and take time out to figure things out and make a headway. It’s okay to be tired and stressed about everything. Always remind yourself that you’re human, and there is a high chance that you may not have everything going all rosy for you all the time, and that’s okay because no bad situation/condition is permanent.

3. People will always talk :

No matter what you do, good or bad, people will always have something derogatory to say about you. At some point, i used to feel really bad about this because I always try my hardest to be nice, yet I still get lashed. I just told myself “see ehn, everybody can’t like you, and ,most times the derogatory things said about you are not true, so why bother anyways”.  No matter what happens, just don’t let it get to you, and stop you from being amazing.

4. Always Stay Calm:

The art of staying calm is one compulsory life skill set that everyone should learn. Trust me, it doesn’t make any sense when you make so much fuss about things, people and situations. This was a tough one for me because I’m quite impatient and I get bored sometimes. You never make the best of decisions when you panic, so Keep Calm. 

5. Family is Important: 

Family is important, but family doesn’t start and end with blood relations. Family entails those who are ready to walk the extra mile to see your happiness and purpose in life, (even the Bible said,“there’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother”). I’m always thankful for friends and everyone that has always been there to walk the extra mile with me and for me. 

6. Move at your own Pace: 

You are not missing out on anything in life, move at your pace and your capacity. Do whatever you do for yourself, not to impress anyone. Don’t ever make the mistake of comparing your progress with that of someone else. Your chapter One is someone’s Chapter 99. If you wedge your progress with someone else’s yardstick, you’d definitely burn out after doing little or nothing. Its okay to have aspirations. Its okay to have people you look up to, but don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself with someone else.

7. Go the Extra Mile:

Go the extra mile for people, even when they treat you otherwise. 

8. Celebrate All Achievements:  


Always celebrate all achievements and victories. Be thankful for every level you’ve attained. It could be as losing a pound. Getting a degree. Starting a brand. Finishing a project. Celebrating your achievements gives you much energy and enthusiasm to embark on bigger and better projects.

9. Let Go of Unnecessary Relationships :

I’m not trying to sound haughty or be high-nosed, but you need to let go of people and relationships that don’t help you or add any value to you. Any relationship that doesn’t pay you, make you happy, or set you in the direction of your purpose should go. Its cool to have acquaintances, but when it comes to the real McCoy of things and situations, know when to pull the plug when you can’t seem to make anything meaningful with knowing or having anyone around you. Keep your inner circle small. 

At the End of it all, Everything will be alright. If its not alright, then its not the end. You may not understand the journey, but trust the process. Just keep doing what you do in the best of your capacity. 

2017 was quite a year of learning, and i look forward to a progressive and purpose-filled year of achievements in 2018.

    How was your 2017? 

 What lessons did you learn in 2017?

 Do share with me lessons you learned in the previous year. 

Thanks and have an all-amazing year ahead of you…


Kene’ Kingsley. 


 P.S : 

This year is going to be an exciting life, events and style journey, so don’t miss out on any detail, do connect with me 




  1. Kene Kingsley
    January 21, 2018

    thanks and a happy new year to you too

  2. Demilade Aina
    January 4, 2018

    Happy New Year to you Kingsley! I love every single lesson you mentioned, they're all so accurate. I also love the quote you shared about growth. 2017 wasn't my best year but it was definitely a year of growth and for that I am thankful. xx
    Coco Bella Blog


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