This is the Fashion and Lifestyle blog of Kene’ Kingsley, where you get to find creative ideas and perspective to fashion and personal style.

Kene Kingsley is a Nigerian, who was born and raised in the city of Lagos. He graduated from the University of Lagos in 2016 where he studied Pharmacy.

His uncanny passion for fashion and lifestyle in Lagos, Nigeria and the world at large birthed a fashion and lifestyle journal. Kene has been known and recognized for his fashion journaling on various publications since 2014.

When Kene is not practicing Clinical Pharmacist, he works as a Brand Strategist, Content Creator, and a Photographer. He has worked with various brands from food, fashion, finance, travel, as well as lifestyle brands within Lagos that resonates with his style and aesthetics to life.

Kene’s interest include fashion, art, food, music, travel, as well as pop culture. His biggest aspiration is to be happy, successful and to be a recognized name when it comes to men’s fashion in Lagos, Nigeria and the world at large.

Oh… and to be a columnist for GQ.

“My kind of style is what I’d call ‘modern preppy with a hint of Afrocentrism and street wear on the ‘not-so-serious days of my life” – Kene’ Kingsley.

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