Network & Chill : The Bloggers’ Advocate Picnic


I’ve always wanted an outdoor picnic weekend  for the longest time running; so you can imagine how excited I was when I attended the Network & Chill Picnic , organized by The Bloggers’ Advocate. 


The picnic, which happened the previous weekend, took place at the Jhalobia Recreational Park, Airport Road, Lagos. Funny enough, I’ve been hearing a lot about how amazing this park is; and on getting in, I was awed by the beautiful, lush and lovely greenery, with no insect bites or any form of pest attack. I also had this love-hate feeling with how the park seemed quite uneasy to locate, but the white fence adjacent to Mobil Filling Station along the Airport Road was its giveaway (I think they should have a banner or a tag to identify the park).
As with a park of this nature, we had to set mats on the grass for everyone to sit, and placed our goodies at the center of the arrangement. 
I also loved that the attendants were creatives and people of different brands and businesses; bloggers, vloggers, make-up artistes, content creators, writers, photographers, skincare brand owners. We all came together, connected, and I learned a whole lot about what we do as individuals and as a brand . 
 … and trust bloggers to always be ready to take amazing pictures (of course in a park like this, it would really be sad to not capture these beautiful moments ).



                     Michael, Evetonnia, Benita, Busayo

 It was all fun, food, interacting with new faces and games. I think the highlight for me was being able to identify who was who on the TBA group in person. 

I’d want to use this medium to appreciate Alice Dako, the convener and brain behind the TBA brand (she’s truly the Bloggers’ Advocate). 

I also want to say a big thanks to every brand that was a part of this picnic and sponsored it one way or the other .. If you want to keep up with any upcoming events from the stable of The Bloggers Advocate, follow them and turn on the notifications
I hope you all had an amazing weekend or are looking forward to an amazing one ahead.

Always remember… Live. Laugh . Love


 Thanks for reading, and i do hope you stick around for more 

Kene’ Kingsley

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  1. Kene Kingsley
    September 8, 2018

    Thanks Oluchi. It was really an amazing event.

  2. Oluchi Irobunda
    September 7, 2018

    This was a beautiful read! Awwwwww I wish I didn’t miss this event but I did. Sad. You all looked so beautiful and I doubt it’s some picture quality thing. It must be wonderful to be in a mix of various creatives!


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