NOIR LAGOS: An Ultimate Fine Dining Experience in Lagos

It is very important that once in a while, everyone should have an experience with fine dining, and I got to experience this at NOIR LAGOS.

I’ve never had to do a restaurant review or discuss about food and fine dining on the blog; majorly because I probably love to make my own meals and relish my own cuisine, but I got a chance to check out this lovely place with the pretty Lade of Lade’s Blog, courtesy of Dining Made Easy.
Noir Lagos, (pronounced with a guttural /noor:k’/) located at 4a Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, is a French-inspired restaurant, terrace and lounge. I was quite surprised that they were located there, because I work on the island and this building never caught my attention. I guess they are newly located or something. 
My first attraction to the restaurant was the decor. It had this monochrome, all black-and-white detailing and arrangement that screamed sophistication, but the art pieces on the wall gave it some color and a warm, fun and friendly vibe. (sorry I forgot to take pictures). The restaurant also has a well-stocked bar, with an exquisite variants of wines, beers, and spirits. The manager was quite a sweet lady, and the waiters were polite. 

We sat for our meal and our orders were taken. For the starters, I had chicken Caesar Salad (Food Tip: When in doubt about a menu, always go for whatever has chicken. You rarely go wrong with chicken).  
I think the salad was quite good. The cabbage and vegetables had that fresh, crunchy taste, and I love that the dressing had that vinegar taste to it, the kind of aftertaste you get with mayonnaise. 
For the main course, I had a beef steak, with a twist… Lade and I made our steak by ourselves, ON A STEAK STONE.
I’ve seen instances of cooking steak on steak stones, especially on Food Network, but getting to make steak “mai-suya style” was just exciting in some way.
If  you’re seeing this, or hearing about this for the first time, here’s a little knowledge. Steak stones are one of the most traditional ways of cooking steaks and meats in general. It is a flat, marble-like, preheated stone where the steak is placed on, and allowed to cook. The added advantage to this style of cooking is that it cooks the steak evenly, and it requires no fat or oil, thereby making it one of the healthiest way to cook steak. 
For desserts, we had Tiramisu, Chocolate Fondant cake with Vanilla ice-cream and Cheesecake. 

After the meal, we got to take a tour around the restaurant. I also got to know that Noir Lagos had a smoke room, as well as a beautiful terrace, with amazing setting and a beautiful graffiti on the wall. 
Overall, it was a great experience, and this is quite a beautiful restaurant. If you want to have an exquisite dining in Lagos, a place with a terrace that would make an amazing location for a birthday party, or a get-together and drinks at the end of the day’s work, Noir Lagos is one place I’d suggest you go to, and you would definitely love it, just as I did. 
As for pricing, it is moderately priced in comparison with the experience and value ( i can recall the Tiramisu went for N3500). However, if you want to give yourself a treat in Lagos,or take your partner to somewhere with an all-round experience, Noir Lagos should be on your “give-it-a-try” list.
NOIR LAGOS is located at 4a Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. You can call on 0908 066 6687 to further enquiries or to make a reservation.

Have you been to Noir Lagos before? 
What was your experience like? 
Do share with me other places in Lagos you’ve been to…

Kene’ Kingsley

This review was made in collaboration with DME (Dining Made Easy). DME is an online listing site that gives an in-depth information about fine dining in Lagos. You can check them out to have ideas on the best places to wine and dine in Lagos. 
Disclaimer: This review was based on my personal experience of Noir Lagos. All statements made here were my own uninfluenced opinion.  

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  1. Kene Kingsley
    November 4, 2018

    technically, yeah. I love food and i always love to try new cuisines and recipes in my free time

  2. Unknown
    October 25, 2018

    Seems like an awesome place, but I'm more interested in the "relish my own cuisine" bit. You must be a good cook, yes?

  3. Kene Kingsley
    October 24, 2018

    Thank you, Magdalene. I do hope you enjoy your visit to Noir , just as i did.

  4. Magdalene Enimhienomo
    October 24, 2018

    You have a amazing blog. I have never being to noir lagos but your review make it so appealing. Great work.


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