POP BEACH CLUB : A Weekend Getaway in Lagos

Have you ever wondered what  it would feel like to have a weekend by a Beach House, to ease off the stress of the working week, without necessarily traveling far away from home and work..? 

With POP BEACH CLUB, here in Lagos… IT IS POSSIBLE.!

The POP Beach Club is a private beach house; an acre of beach front, located in the serene village of Ilashe. It is surrounded by a beautiful ocean, as well as other beach houses around the area. 

The Beach house has a roof terrace, central pool, a reception, lounge area, a kitchen and a 10 cabana-styled bed setting, within the entrance of the beach house that faces the beach, so you basically get to enjoy the cool breeze of the beach as you relax…

 (that was my most attractive feature of the beach house).
It also has a tennis court, as well as a volley ball court setting for fun and recreation. 

I had the opportunity to spend the previous weekend with a couple of bloggers/influencers (courtesy of TheBloggersAdvocate) ; and I must say it was such a beautiful place with the right ambience to connect with other people and get to bond with them . 

The POP Beach Club is a members’-only  club house, however you could make an advance booking if you are interested in the beach house .The POP Beach Club are in two locations: one at Ilashe, and the other at Tarkwa Bay. 

To get to the Pop Beach Club, we had two meet-up points; One from FarmCity at Lekki, and the other was at the Lagos State Jetty, Ikoyi. It was an all-expense paid trip, but I was notified that the trip from the Lagos Boat Club to Ilashe is about 4,000 naira. It would take you about 20-30 minutes to get to the jetty at Ilashe, and it is a 10-minute sandy walk from the jetty to the beach house, so i suggest you either wear comfortable shoes or walk on barefoot because of the sand.

The POP Beach Club at Tarkwa Bay is a few metres away from the cool, calming bay. This is quite an advantage, as it prevents any intrusion from the crowd or the day visitors at the bay. It is located opposite a police station, and adjacent to a small army barracks, hence security is guaranteed. 
The Beach Club at Tarkwa Bay is almost the same as that of Ilashe, the only difference would be the cabana setting, and the size (the beach house at Tarkwa Bay has 32 bed spaces, whereas that of Ilashe has 38) 
In terms of cost, the POP Beach Club at Tarkwa Bay goes for 21,000 naira per room per night, while it would cost 480,000 naira to rent the whole place. 
Alternatively, if you want to cater to more people, and you want somewhere more scenic, the POP Beach Club at Ilashe goes for 41,000 naira per night, and 540,000 naira to rent the whole beach house. 
There is also a Day-Membership Package that goes for 60,000 naira for a chalet at the Ilashe location, while the double rooms at Tarkwa Bay goes for 30,000 naira.
There is an In-House chef to prepare your meals, so you can bring in your food of choice to be prepared by the chef. 
There is a 30% Sales Promo ongoing at the moment. You get to rent the beach house at Ilashe for 378,000 naira, as against the initial cost of 540,000: while the beach house at Tarkwa Bay goes for 338,000 naira, as against the initial cost of 480,000 naira.
The chalet at Ilashe currently goes for 42,000 naira, while the double rooms at Tarkwa Bay is at a discount price of 21,000 naira.

The POP Beach Club is such a beautiful place to experience, so I would suggest that you take advantage of the current sales promo, and give yourself a calm, beautiful and relaxing getaway, here in Lagos. At least it saves you the stress of traveling… I mean, why travel when you can get your holiday, vacation or getaway here at POP Beach Club, Lagos. 
 For more information on the POP Beach Club and how to get there, you can check HERE. 
Would you love to have a beach house experience in Lagos.?
Do you know any other beach house here in Lagos.?  
Do  share with me….
Kene’ Kingsley.  


  1. Kene Kingsley
    February 8, 2019

    Same here too, Ella

  2. Kene Kingsley
    February 8, 2019

    sure thing.

  3. Ella chikezie
    January 19, 2019

    Amazing review. I really can't wait to go back there. It was good to meet you there too.

  4. Abosede Akingboye
    January 18, 2019

    This is looking so tempting. Looking at exploring it for a reunion later in the year and I hope we can get good discount when the time comes.

    Otherwise, I may just explore it for a daycation, I love beach houses.



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