The Influence of Social Media On our Personal Style Choices.

The impact of social media on our style choices can never be underestimated.  In recent times, we’ve come to observe various trends and campaigns go viral online in ways we least expected. From the fashion industry, print and advertising, the era of the fashion influencer, down to our personal style preferences, we’ve noticed a whole lot of development in fashion, as well as our style choices, courtesy of the social media.

Since the early 2000’s where social media made it first popular entry, it has been recognized as one of the most effective way to convey information to people on a large scale. Needless to say, humans are social creatures and feel the need to maintain a degree of social interaction for their continuous existence.  It is this continuous need for connection of some sort that has been leveraged by the fashion industry, in order to connect with their target market; which ultimately has been of great influence to our style choices of today. 
social media influence on style
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Imagine we were still in a time where you had to walk into a store, flip through a catalogue to make your choice of outfits and style, and probably wait a few more days to have it ready (as in the case of custom-made fits, styles or trends). Now, with the advent of apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and so many online stores, making your style choices and purchases could be as easy as tapping on your phone or laptop for a few minutes to make your style choices. 


The fashion industry has gained a whole lot from social media. Now it is much easier for so many fashion brands (both new and old) to reach their target market.  From the design to final product, it is much easier to draw inspiration for designs, as well as take the consumer’s tastes and preferences into consideration. Once upon a time, it was difficult for the average consumer to find pieces that showcased on runways of the world due to high prices and accessibility. Now, thanks to the concept of fast fashion, you get pieces from top fashion houses in stores like ASOS, Forever 21, or even in the case of Fashion Nova where clothing and accessories are being mimicked in order to make it accessible on social media to the average consumer.  



This is also applicable to fashion print and advertising. A whole lot of fashion media houses (Vogue, GQ, Harper Bazaar, etc.) have incorporated the use of social media to make their publications accessible to their readers, which to a greater extent can be a big influence to their style choices. Now you can read your magazines from the luxury of your phones or handheld devices (I still love my good old paperback fashion magazines, though).




As social media advances, we get to see the infusion of fashion influencer. The fashion influencer (a blogger, a stylist, or your good ole’ boy/girl next door) has been able to create the breach between fashion brands and the average consumer. It is just a simple case of “If Mr. A/Miss. A I saw on Instagram or Pinterest can wear it and look good in it, why can’t I”. In the world today, so many fashion houses/brands are really out, working directly with influencers who can inspire their community of people to make/improve their style choices on social media.


Philip (jprstyling), Natasha, and Steve Onoja 


There are so many instances where we must have checked “What to wear “ or “How to pair with” on Google, or browsed through blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes for some sort of style inspiration. These apps have in one way or the other not only influenced our purchasing, but as also helped in a good way to improve our sense of style. It is now as easy as looking at your favorite people for some sort of style direction, to as far as making the extra effort to purchase items/clothing as seen on a particular person online.

From my personal perspective, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that social media has been of a huge influence to my personal style choices and preferences. I recall back in 2014 when my perspective to style changed when I started reading FashionBeans, and GQ online. Also, social media has also given me the opportunity to create and develop a community of people looking to develop their personal style through keeping up with my style journey. I’d like to believe all these wealth of information wouldn’t be available and accessible if not for social media. 

As far as accessibility to information, it isn’t out of place to say that Social Media has influenced our style choices to a greater percentage. How would you know what’s trending, what looks good on you, or what outfit to wear to an event if you haven’t at any time scrolled through Instagram, or the content of your favorite blogger.?

Do you think social media has played a huge role in your style choices?

What do you think about Social Media and how it has affected your style choices?

Do share with me and let’s discuss about social media and its influence on our style choices.



Kene’ Kingsley 

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  1. Kene Kingsley
    March 27, 2019

    Exactly.!!! I can imagine how that would be possible if there was no form of social media

  2. Kene Kingsley
    March 27, 2019

    That’s a good one . Instagram has been of great influence to our personal style choices .

  3. benita ijeh
    March 26, 2019

    Social media has definitely played an enormous role in my style choices. From googling outfits to wear to wear to specific events to what to wear with exact fashion items. I don’t even want to remember life without google, pinterest or Instagram !

  4. Abiodun Komolafe
    March 23, 2019

    Instagram has always being my favourite. I literally sneak in to peek at my favourite celeb styles for inspiration when I run out of style ideas.

  5. Kene Kingsley
    February 15, 2019

    Oh that’s great. Pinterest is a very good inspiration for so many ideas

  6. Unknown
    February 10, 2019

    Pinterest is my all time favorite for finding style inspiration and I can say my wardrobe has been influenced my it.


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