The Vintage Shirt: Retro Style for Modern Times

vintage shirts

Fashion and Style, as we all know it, is a never-ending cycle where trends come and go per time; with each trend and time making a comeback in its subtle yet creative way. Such is the story of the vintage shirt.

At one point in time, we’ve come across the terms ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ in our style discourse and terms. I personally have had challenges at a point making a comparison with both terms. While both terms are interchanged, there are actual differences between these terms . 
 Now, let’s take a brief information about both.
The term ‘Vintage’ usually refers to items (not just clothes alone) that dates back to a particular era or time. Some fashion articles would say pieces/items/clothing that date back to the 20’s-80’s fashion era. 
On the other hand, the term ‘Retro’ refers to the style of clothing, normally from a modern and contemporary perspective to style.
vintage shirts
In a summary; Vintage gives an insight to its age, pattern, and construction, while Retro only refers to a modern perspective to styling pieces/items of this era. 
To be honest, I actually dreaded vintage shirts. My major dislike stemmed from the fit, the extra small collar, to how the pockets were just unnecessarily large …(i wonder what people of that era needed to keep in their breast pockets that made it that large).  But I had to look at it from another angle. If you can take a vintage shirt, and look at it from a contemporary perspective to style, there is a little bit of adjustment that can be done to this piece to bring it to terms with my personal style. 
vintage shirts
I recall this shirt was one i wore to the TBA Bloggers Picnic i attended a few weeks ago. The whole idea was for me to try a casual fit that was way from my regular style choices… because you never know how good it would look if you don’t give it a try.
I had the collar deconstructed to a mandarin-style collar neck shirt, and got the pocket off. I also made it to fit, and that is how I pulled off the entire ensemble. 
Denim is always a go-to staple for me when it comes to my casual fit. You can never go out of place with a denim pants. ( Feel free to check out the various ways I love to style my denim pieces.) 
vintage shirts
 I also had my denim pants paired with black lace-up boots for a solid, yet relaxed overall fit. 
vintage shirts
The key factor to making the retro-styled switch up with vintage pieces is to understand what color of fabric looks good on you, as well as the right fit, styling, and other creative ways you can alternate looks.  
With a better understanding of how to go about styling vintage pieces in a contemporary way, I look forward to trying more ideas to styling them. 
Do you wear vintage pieces?
What do you like about them.?
What’s your take on Vintage versus Retro?

Do share with me your ideas and perspectives to style   
vintage shirts
… and the Photo Bomber of the Year goes to…. Michael.  

 Vintage Shirt: “Thrifted” // Denim: Levis Strauss & Co. // Lace-up Boots: Clarks 

Photo Cred: Benita (BeeNation) 


Thanks for reading, and i do hope you stick around for more 

Kene’ Kingsley

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  1. Kene Kingsley
    October 7, 2018

    Yeah. You should … Do tag me when you get to style one. Thank you

  2. Kene Kingsley
    October 7, 2018

    Thank you very much

  3. 1nigeriangirl
    October 6, 2018

    Nice nice.

    Seems I'm going to be stocking some vintage tees this month

  4. Unknown
    October 6, 2018

    I totally love what you did with the shirt Kene. I'm a fan of repurposing outfits every now and then. At first, I didn't understand the vintage versus retro thing, but I think I get it now. Good stuff. 😉


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